Insect Nets Greenhouse Agricultural Safety Insect Nets Wonderful Nets, Defend Insect Proof Mesh Plastic Web Anti Mole Anti Fowl Mesh


1. Made of high-quality plastic materials, this mesh is sturdy and durable and can be used for many years.

2. Unique hole-shaped structure, the screen protector is elastic, stretchable and breathable. Can see through and help you easily view crop growth.

3. The dense small mesh cover can effectively block ​birds and even small insects, and better protect vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, etc.

4. Lightweight garden nets will not oppress your plants and help them thrive.

5. Through water and sunlight, the plant cover is breathable, allowing water, sunlight and air to pass through without frequent opening. It also resists strong sunlight and strong winds. Save your time and make life easier.

6. Reusable physical plant cover, a natural way to protect plants, more environmentally friendly, and will not harm your plants and soil.

7. The tight and strong mesh cloth can be cut into any size you want. If you like, you can cut it into mosquito nets.

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