Child Limo V1 3-in-1 Pram System Overview


While the Baby Limo 3-in-1 pram copes well with curbs and uneven pavements, you’re not limited to ambles around town. ‘The pram really comes into its own on long country walks,’ explains Emma. ‘This is mainly down to its three-way shock absorption system (SAS), which means it has coiled springs to cushion the bumpiest of country tracks. I’ve so far put it to the test on gravel paths, rocky forest trails, and across muddy fields. It seems, for my baby at least, the more challenging the terrain, the more therapeutic she finds the ride. If she does wake up grizzling, the rocking sensation created by gently pushing the handles down calmed her instantly.’

Comfort and features

As for other notable features, Emma says the central brake ‘EasySTOP’ function, activated by a gentle touch of the foot, which was particularly useful when the pram began to roll down a hill after she paused to take a photo of the scenery. Other useful features include a sizeable basket that sits on the undercarriage with a magnetic leather flap. ‘This, it turns out, is extremely handy for flinging in items on the go without faffing around with a zip,’ adds Emma. ‘It also comes with a smart black leather bag, presumably to be used as a changing bag, though I didn’t have a need for this as I tended to throw my baby changing items into the basket.’

An adjustable hand bar also means that no matter your height, you’re able to ensure both ergonomic comfort and optimum push-power. According to our tester, this is especially useful if you’re planning to use the pram for fitness. ‘Admittedly my attempt at a park pram run was more of a light leisurely jog, but Elphie loved it – the quicker I moved across my local park, the more chuckles and smiles I was rewarded with,’ she explains. ‘I did find that the pram ‘runs’ better over a smooth surface, and isn’t quite as nifty for speed across bumpy country roads.’

The ultimate test of a pram is that sacred moment in any parent’s day – nap time. The Baby Limo 3-in-1 pram bassinet features a soft yet firm mattress which our tester’s baby seemed to approve of. ‘Elphie seems to find it incredibly nap-friendly – ​​especially when she’s all snuggled up in blankets on a cold day,’ says Emma. ‘There is also a rain cover provided but if you’re caught without (as I was) coziness (and dryness!) can be maintained thanks to the waterproof bassinet cover. The mosquito net, although sadly not needed for a wet autumn in Wiltshire, is a great addition for alternate climates.’

As for setting up the pram for its first outing, our tester found this such an intuitive process that she didn’t need to look at the how-to guide on the brand’s website – they don’t provide paper booklets in line with their sustainability ethos. ‘Everything clicks into place on the lightweight aluminum frame, with each component (the car seat, bassinet or pushchair seat) swappable in minutes,’ explains Emma. ‘The frame itself is foldable and fitted snugly into my car, although I had more trouble squeezing in the bassinet. The bassinet and pushchair seat can be positioned to face in either direction, and it’s particularly recommended for the baby to be parent-facing for the first six months at least for development reasons. This is more than fine by me – more time to stare at Elphie as I walk!’

Value for money

The Baby Limo is undoubtedly a premium pram with a price tag to match, but Emma feels the addition of a car seat adds value. ‘Having ‘test driven’ my baby daughter Elphie in the bassinet for the past few weeks I can say with confidence that the Baby Limo pram is, quite frankly, a joy to ride – or should I say drive,’ she says.

‘Smooth yet bouncy, its gel-pumped tires glide effortlessly over pavements, practically hopping up and down curbs and steps – much to Elphie’s delight. Despite its size (think SUV of the pram world, to carry on the car comparison….) it doesn’t feel clunky and is easy to navigate around shops. In fact, its size ends up being a real bonus when food shopping with your baby as I found it doubled up as a shopping trolley.’


As for the way the Baby Limo 3-in-1 pram looks, this is subjective and personal taste will dictate whether it’s the best pram for you. ‘It’s no doubt about an elegant design, with curves in all the right places and it screams ‘I’m a designer pram!’ but for me, the monochrome aesthetic – black with a white leather finish – felt a bit showy for a small market town in Wiltshire – almost like it was better suited to the King’s Road in Chelsea,’ says Emma. ‘It’s a personal thing, but I would love to be able to swap the white leather trims (namely the hoods) for more neutral, earthy color options – if only to fit with my wardrobe more.’

Overall, this is a striking, high-quality pram that will appeal to parents who like designer labels and enjoy a touch of luxury in life. Highly instagrammable and yet impressively practical, we think it’s excellent value for one of the best premium prams you can buy. It has a distinctly glamorous vibe which – while slightly out of step with our tester’s lifestyle in rural Wiltshire – will suit you if you’re looking for a luxe, premium pram that can take you from city streets to country tracks without breaking a sweat.

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