A recent picture posted by the Basic Military Training Center (BMTC) with regards to their latest enlistment exercise has drew flak from netizens all over the internet.

The picture in question appears to be taken from part of the BMTC tour offered to visitors who went to Pulau Tekong to see off the enlistees as they transition from a civilian to a soldier.

A closer look at the picture reveals that a bunk bed inside one of the living quarters of the recruits has been installed with mosquito netting.

Of course, netizens who have served the army be it past or present and even those who did not serve before have gathered to comment on the picture.

Everyone in the comments section, presumably the ‘hokkien pengs’ (hokkien soldiers), and even the younger generation suddenly started commenting like their time in the army was the toughest and the recruits now are all like ‘gu niangs’ (soft).

Here is the picture of the bunk bed in question

Comments from netizens

Here are some of the comments by netizens:

  • Standby bed be like, “Why your mosquito net not straight??” “Why are there mosquito stuck on the net??” “You don’t know how to clean your net??” “How come you the only one with the mosquito net??”
  • Don’t forget to bring mosquito net to war guys. New item in your 10 pack.
  • Den how are those soldiers gonna defend the country from enemy fire in the jungle? mosquito fire oso afraid..haiyaaa..if got war..we’re doomed sia!
  • WAIT??! THERE ARE SUCH THINGS LIKE THAT IN BUNK NOW???! EH bring it to outfield la please
  • Soldier on Tekong get dengue “Why my son get dengue? Why SAF never take care of him? “BMTC on Tekong mandate mosquito net” Why today soldier so ku niang like baby liddat?”
  • Mosquito net in the bunk? Goodness, those days we used to buah SAF insecticide (green tube) all over the bed frame.

Image source: Basic Military Training Centre/Facebook


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