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Okay, we’re not here to tell you how to live your life, but as we get into the rain/wind/snow season, YOU ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NEED A STROLLER COVERS. sorry, was that aggressive?

As we’re still in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, walking can be a safe activity for your kids while keeping you sane. But sometimes it rains. Being caught out by the rain might sound adventurous and fun (especially when it comes to piña coladas), but dealing with Mother Nature while you’re pushing your baby in a stroller is anything but. The best way to protect her from the elements Protection from rain, snow, wind and everything in between is what investing in a stroller cover is – not to be confused with a stroller blanket. Don’t worry, it’s not a big investment – they’re all pretty cheap. A stroller cover is also a brilliant way to protect your child from COVID and germs in general when they are too young for a mask.

We did our research and found the best stroller covers – ones that are waterproof or water-resistant, have a universal fit, ventilation, storage compartments, an easy-to-access window, and convenient storage. Here’s something to consider when making a purchase decision – if you see a product with an M (e.g. Black-M) it means the cover includes a mosquito net.

No matter how many times you check your weather app before taking your kids for a walk, bad weather will surprise you at some point. Keep one of these bad guys in your stroller’s compartment, just in case, so you can run stress-free — at least when it comes to getting your kids wet.

Check out the 11 best stroller covers below.

Stroller covers for rain

If you’re looking for a stroller cover that protects against rain, snow, wind, mosquitoes, germs, and dust, this is a great option. It is made of waterproof and transparent plastic so you can keep an eye on your baby and see the world around you. It is also made of EVA film, which is more environmentally friendly. The cover has mesh holes on each side for good ventilation and breathability.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Babies love to put everything in their mouths and this plastic stroller cover is likely to be no exception. Luckily, it’s made of 100 percent EVA, a non-toxic and eco-friendly material that doesn’t produce a strong odor. As for breathability, mesh windows on both sides allow your child to breathe comfortably without getting wet. Pro tip: Even if a company states that a rain cover has a universal fit, you should still make sure the dimensions match your stroller.

$18.00 AT AMAZON

Raincoats are not only for people and very lovable dogs that don’t like to get wet, but also for prams. Don’t worry if you have a front and back seat stroller, this universal rain cover is made for just that scenario. It has perforated vents for airflow, but it’s also open at the bottom so airflow shouldn’t be an issue. According to reviews, it’s easy to set up, easy to clean, and easy to store. High five for simple things.

$12.00 AT AMAZON

With this affordable cover, you can be out and about in the pouring rain and your baby won’t even notice that it’s wet outside because it’s completely dry. You, on the other hand, well…you’ll know. It fits most strollers and has adequate ventilation. One reviewer noted that the cover can withstand a windy, rainy Seattle day, which should give you a solid idea of ​​its effectiveness.

$17.00 AT AMAZON

From the makers of the BOB stroller comes the BOB stroller cover. It fits perfectly on most BOB Gear single jogging strollers, but check the Amazon listing for a full list of compatible strollers to be sure. The cover is designed with vents for easy breathability, which is important as the bottom fits snugly around the stroller. It’s expensive compared to other stroller covers, but you’re paying for a quality product from a brand you already know and love. So is it worth it? Yours.

$70.00 AT AMAZON

Here’s another ventilated option that offers protection from the weather and the breath of others. It’s rather thin, so while your child isn’t completely protected from the cold, it’s sure to stay dry in the rain. It’s made from EVA with no PVC or plasticizers and fits most single strollers. One reviewer wrote: “The cover is thin but we like that. It doesn’t overheat our baby and we like how much we can see him and how much he can see the world around him. We also like that we have a slight barrier around him while walking around others.”

$16.00 AT AMAZON

Stroller Weather Cover

Do you have a regular upright small, medium or large stroller or jogger? Check out this stroller cover with great reviews. It has a 99% UV blocking window and a pull down sun shade curtain for extra sun protection. While it wouldn’t be safe to use a stroller cover when it’s too hot outside, extra sun protection is never a bad thing – even on a chilly day. Water-repellent, windproof and non-toxic fabric covering the stroller from top to bottom protects your child from rain, snow, dust and wind. This cover may be too large for compact or umbrella strollers, but will fit most major brand standard upright strollers with a canopy between 15″ and 19″. To shake things up a little, these come in five color options: black, blue, gray, green, and red.

$28.00 AT AMAZON

So many stroller canopies are very similar, it really is about finding one at the price you are willing to pay. Affordability is key for what is essentially a stroller poncho. This affordable option from FASOTY fits most strollers and protects against unwanted elements including COVID and all its ugly variants. Do you want to go shopping with your toddler but they don’t wear a mask? Throw this mask on the stroller and get going.

$12.00 AT AMAZON

Nobody ever said that a stroller cover won’t make your child look like a tiny space baby, but they will be dry and warm, such a tiny space baby it is. This is made of 100 percent EVA and has mesh nets on both sides to ensure that your baby has enough air circulation. Getting your baby in and out of these things can be difficult and annoying at times, but this one has a large window in the front that gives you easy access. (It also allows your baby to see through clearly.)

$14.00 AT AMAZON

You will appreciate this stroller cover as it fits over the entire stroller except for the handle and wheels. Usually that means you don’t have access to your important storage areas – you know, the ones that hold your phone, keys, coffee and/or mimosas – but this stroller cover gives you large storage pockets for your convenience. The large UV protective window on the front is the perfect size to get your child in and out, and it’s one they can actually see out of. The cover fits most strollers and is ventilated.

$26.00 AT AMAZON

If there was an award for the coziest weather shelter, this one would win. It is made of weatherproof quilted material, so you can take your child for a walk even on cold days. The material also has a reflective trim for night time safety. One reviewer wrote: “Bought this for a trip to NYC when it was rainy and windy. This case worked perfectly! My son didn’t mind and it kept him warm and dry.”

$13.00 ON AMAZON

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