Expiry of the automobile tax, no extra extensions: There are nonetheless just a few days left


Vehicle tax expiry situation, the deadline for paying without penalty is getting closer. All you need to know

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Vehicle tax deadline, look out for the date January 31, 2022, which is exactly the deadline in which you can pay without penalties. This is not a date that affects everyone, but only those for whom the vehicle tax expired in December 2021.

However, as usual, you have until the end of the entire month after the property tax expires to complete the payment and be in good standing. There had been extensions from 2020 to the end of 2021 due to the effects of the pandemic.

During the lockdown in particular, the competent authorities had granted deferrals in relation to the various payments to be made for the end of the road tax and beyond. But now every permit and exemption is gone and you have to pay to avoid paying fines.

Road tax deadline how to pay

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The height is variable and depends on it by pollutant class of the reference vehicle as well as the power of the engine. You can find out the class of your car or moped with the attached performance by looking at the registration certificate.

The less polluting a vehicle is, the lower the average vehicle tax. There are several payment options.

You can consult the ACI website and pay online or through a center affiliated with Automobile Club Italia. Or download the specific F24 form from Poste Italiane’s website, go to a counter or pay with pagoPA.

For some there is an exception

Another alternative is to pay at a Lottomatica and Sisal location, as well as at authorized ATMs in some regions. Then there are the Satispay services and the IO app.

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As for the exemptions, there is a 50% rebate on road tax for vehicles of historical interest manufactured twenty to thirty years ago. Then the hybrid or electric cars bought in 2019 will be free of payment for the following three or five years (this varies from region to region, editor’s note).

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The exemption also applies to vehicles that are used to transport severely handicapped people with disabilities and that require an accompaniment. The situations considered are blindness, deafness, mental or motor disabilities, inability to walk independently, amputations and more.

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