ChildFund donates mosquito nets to kids, pregnant ladies


The gesture is part of ChildFund The Gambia’s efforts to complement the Gambian government’s efforts to reduce or eliminate malaria infections among the most vulnerable groups (children and women).

The project, conducted in partnership with the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and regional health directorates, aims to improve access and availability of LLINs in rural communities, as well as raise awareness of malaria prevention and control, to ensure a malaria-free environment Gambia.

Favored regions are the Lower River, Central River and Upper River regions.

Musu Kuta Komma-Bah, Country Director ChildFund The Gambia said they aim to work in all regions to transform the lives of children and their families. She added that they also want to make sure infants are healthy and safe; children are brought up successfully; and ensuring that youth acquire the right skills to contribute to national development.

Ms Komma-Bah explained that the mobility rate under 5 years old is still unacceptable, which is why they complement the government’s efforts.

She went on to say they also aim to ensure pregnant women give birth safely and children progress successfully into adulthood.

She said the distribution is free for beneficiaries. She encouraged volunteers to make sure every mosquito net is accounted for.

According to Madam Komma-Bah, they want to ensure that mosquito nets are used year-round.

Jeandarc Jarju-Kujabi, regional health director for the west coast region, described the distribution of the bed nets as timely and said they would go a long way in preventing malaria-prone groups.

She stressed that malaria can cause permanent disability and even death and affect national development.

Ms Jarju-Kujabi noted that it is important to research why people still test positive for malaria when bed nets are distributed.

Bai Cham, representative of the Global Fund, described malaria as a disease burden, adding that their goal is to get The Gambia to the stage of elimination.

He urged the distribution workers not only to distribute the nets, but to educate citizens about the importance of sleeping under treated mosquito nets.

He thanked ChildFund The Gambia for their efforts in fighting malaria in the country.

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