Soha Ali Khan shares fond reminiscences of her life at Pataudi Palace


Life offers unique and endless experiences that shape us into who we are. Some places have burned themselves so deeply into our memories that we still remember them all vividly.

Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan has shared some fond memories of her childhood home, the iconic Pataudi Palace, on her social media page.

Photo Credit: Special Agreement/Manorama Online

She is the daughter of former cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and actress Sharmila Tagore. The well-known Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is her brother.

Exuding the majestic elegance of colonial architecture, the grand Pataudi Palace stretches over 10 hectares. There are more than 150 rooms in the palace. Among them are 7 spacious bedrooms, 7 leisure halls, large halls, a dining area and other areas. The palace is currently valued at more than Rs 800 crore.

She often talks about her childhood days at Pataudi Palace. Also, Soha shared some pics of her daughter Inaaya playing in the premises of her ancestral home.

Photo Credit: Special Agreement/Manorama Online

“I just like the green and the open spaces. I feel closer to my father when I’m there. I go to his grave and spend time with him. I have so many memories of growing up there. I remember when there was no electricity and we were visiting as children. We used to sleep outside under the mosquito net. Now we have air conditioning, but back then there was no air conditioning or cell phones. We play cricket and do organic farming. Inaaya also goes there and plants something. We make salad from the vegetables she grew and harvested herself. There were peacocks, dogs and sometimes snakes,” says Soha.

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