These quirky Christmas items show that the thought counts


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It should go without saying that Christmas shouldn’t just be about presents, but when presents include mosquito nets and real skulls, they can be hard to ignore.

I’m sure we’ve all, at some point in our lives, opened up a gift with a long-forgotten meaning or a seemingly useless purpose, and in those moments it’s important to remember that it’s the thought that counts.

Katherine, for example, was reminded of this phrase at Christmas when she was 24 and spotted a large, round object under the Christmas tree.

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Like so many of us, Katherine began to guess what her gift might be, and its shape led her to believe someone had bought her a mini-trampoline.

Unfortunately, the reality was far less exciting and less useful for Katherine, as she ripped off the packaging to reveal a plastic net attached to a round, white plastic hoop. Obviously it wasn’t a trampoline but a mosquito net.

The unusual gift had been given to Katherine by her uncle, although she had no plans to travel and could not imagine using a mosquito net in the future. As it turned out, however, the uncle had intended for the 24-year-old to attach the net to the ceiling of her bedroom [her] Bed like a princess bed’.

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Katherine told UNILAD it would have taken a lot of imagination to even come close to making a princess bed, and even if the makeshift canopy won over a younger version of herself, it wasn’t good enough to fool the adult execution.

She explained: “Unfortunately, I never used it for any of its intended purposes. It went to the nearest charity shop, hopefully just what someone was looking for.’

While Katherine’s gift was meant to be at least a little whimsical and funny, Twitter users Jane and Brian needed to remind themselves that when faced with downright morbid Christmas gifts from their family members, it’s the thought that counts.

Jane’s gift came at Christmas when she was 15; an age when you feel invincible and have your whole life ahead of you. However, Jane was given a stark reminder of her mortality when she opened a Make Your Own Will kit.

Will document (Alamy)Alamy

She recalled how her grandmother seemed “pretty proud” of the gift as she presented it in an envelope and said, smiling, “It’s just a little thing.”

Understandably, Jane assumed her grandmother had given her some money, and when she opened the envelope and read the title of her present, it was no surprise that she and her other family members burst out laughing.

“Grandma tried to tell me she thought I would like it and that it would be useful,” Jane recalled.

She continued, “I wasn’t ill and certainly didn’t have anything of value to leave to anyone. I tried to be thankful and thankful for the gift but it was really weird.’

Noting that by the age of 15 she had very few possessions to pass on, Jane eventually donated the kit to a church, which she believes an elderly man bought.

Christmas presents under tree (Pixabay)PixabayWhy buying a real Christmas tree might be more environmentally friendly than getting a fake onepublished underBefore 14 days

Recalling the strange gift, Jane said: “I don’t know where my grandmother got it or if she was giving a gift she had previously received. However, it was funny and something my brothers and I addressed at times.

In keeping with a subject seemingly unknown to all but Jane and Brian’s families, Brian was gifted a real human skull one Christmas.

The owner of said skull probably could have used a Make Your Own Will kit to ensure his head didn’t end up under someone else’s Christmas tree, but unfortunately they couldn’t avoid making it a gift when Brian’s mom got fed up with it had that he always guessed his Christmas presents correctly.

Speaking to UNILAD, Brian explained that his mother came across the skull at a flea market where she bought it from a dentist. Needless to say, Brian misjudged that his Christmas present was a human skull, and his jaw “practically hit the ground” when he opened it.

Nonetheless, Brian found much enjoyment in the present and continues to display it in his library to this day. However, the same cannot be said of the real boar head gifted to recipient Kellen a few years ago.

Kellen’s brother managed to find the stuffed head at an estate sale – which begs the question: Why do so many people have heads to sell for cheap?

Whatever the answer, Kellen’s brother was obviously happy with the find and boxed it up for Kellen to open on Christmas Day, though the odd shape made him “confused at first”.

Upon realizing he was given an animal head for Christmas, Kellen said he “honestly can’t stop laughing.” Unlike Brian, however, Kellen didn’t “keep” the head for very long, eventually offering it “to a professor who was more interested in mounting it on his wall.”

Dozens of people have no doubt opened up some equally weird and unusual Christmas presents this year, but no matter how bizarre they may be, it’s worth remembering that they usually come from a place of love.

However, from experience Brian spoke with some advice for anyone who might be questioning their gifts this year, saying: “Don’t trust a gift that looks like it has horns!”

And of course always remember that the thought counts.

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