Tiger invades village in Sunderbans once more, fourth case in lower than a month | Kolkata Information


KOLKATA: In the fourth lost tiger incident in the Sunderbans in less than a month, another big cat broke into a village on the edge of the tiger reserve late Monday evening and killed some cattle.
This time the incident occurred in the village of Mathurakhand near the Pirkhali II and III forest areas. According to villager Habul Das, he could feel the big cat moving around 1 a.m. on Tuesday. “I immediately went to our farm with some of my neighbors to see the tiger sitting on a corner. It had already killed three goats kept under a mosquito net and one cow. When we flashed torches on his face, he jumped out of the place inside the farm where it was hiding and went into the local forest on the edge of our village, ”said Das, adding that on the other side of this forest the river Bidyadhari lies beyond that is the forest area of ​​Pirkhali.
Later that morning, nearby pugmarks helped villagers track down the tiger in the nearby mangrove thicket. Soon afterwards, the foresters were informed, who took action with a team of 60.
Anil Mistry of the Wildlife Protection Society of India, who is also on site, said they spotted the tiger and surrounded all four sides where it is now hiding with nylon netting. According to Justine Jones, assistant field director of the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, the department was also in the process of placing two trap cages with bait to catch the animal.
“As in the past, we have to find out his movement pattern. We display the trap cages with bait so that we can catch them. If necessary, we have our team of sedation experts on hand to help drive the animal away, ”said Jones. He added that the department could use backhoes and even play pre-recorded audio clips of a tigress roaring to get the tiger out of the thicket.

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