Pets? Take into consideration your house


If you are considering adopting a pet, it is important that you get your home fit and your belongings protected in advance.

Security for everyone. Maybe you have sculptures, accessories or fragile items to decorate. You don’t necessarily have to remove them, put shelves on the walls, and arrange accessories. There are some very modern designs that adapt to the home decor.

There are also very simple and transparent brackets out there if you don’t like the idea of ​​them popping out more than your stuff.

For wires, these should be hidden behind furniture, or better organized so that they are well attached to the walls.

Furniture. Imagine if your pet could have more freedom of movement around the house. Then rearrange the furniture design to create a large space.

If you have sofas or chairs made of delicate fabrics like velvet, corduroy, silk or any other fabric that can be damaged by a simple scratch, there is a solution.

Choose armchair and chair covers made from synthetic materials that can be washed regularly. Also, get chair leg guards to avoid damaging them.

Not poisonous. Choose a high or difficult-to-open location to store toxic products like medicines, pesticides, or detergents. Choose trash cans that are pedal-operated or difficult-to-turn, as harmful food scraps can be left behind.

Another thing to watch out for is that if you have plants and flowers that are poisonous to pets and remove unsuitable species. If you live on a raised floor, install mosquito nets on the windows as cats are great at escaping and if they jump they can injure themselves.

For your convenience

Dog corner. Choose what should be your personal space and what shouldn’t be attacked. After you’ve chosen your place or room, put your bed up. If you’re adopted, ask for a blanket that smells like your mother or siblings and that will reduce stress

Cat corner. Repeat the same steps above for a dog. But the cat needs more accessories. Disposable bins and scrapers are essential.

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