How the CDC would act within the occasion of a zombie outbreak


I have an oddly fond memory of the CDC from the Zika virus outbreak in 2016. The company I was with at the time had planned a remote retreat for all employees in Puerto Rico just weeks after it started. It was a company big enough that the CDC communications team was willing to allow us a private, confidential interview to answer our questions about the risks of mosquito-borne microcephaly in the Caribbean. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Let’s just say that the center’s genuine ambiguity regarding literally everywhere reached a point where the company’s normally buttoned and purring CFO barked into the phone, “Just tell me how long to wait before getting in the vagina my wife ejaculate. ”

The CDC responded to this, of course, with a vague and noncommittal kind of “Well, pregnancy is always risky.” And that was the most useful thing we got out of them.

I was reminded of this while watching the video below on how the center might react in the event of a real zombie outbreak.

That being said, the CDC has a fun little tongue-in-cheek official guide to zombie prep – which is kind of useless too.

Image: Public Domain via Pixabay

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