Fraudulent name results in unlikely friendship in central Louisiana


ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) – Stephen Adams is an insurance broker so part of his job is answering calls from unknown numbers. In 2016, one of those calls Adams received was from a scammer. An unusual friendship developed from this call.

Adams said his training as a finance professional made him aware of common scam tactics that he immediately realized the illegality of the call.

“I told the young man that this was a scam, you are cheating on older Americans, you are targeting them,” said Adams. “I said you won’t get anywhere in this world today. I said you obviously have my phone number and name, call me when you come home from work and he did it.”

Adams learned that the young man behind the phone call was Prince Anderson, now 25, from a small village in Ghana, West Africa. After Prince’s father died, the eldest of his family, he learned that it was his job to take care of his malaria-stricken mother. He also looked after his younger brother Isaac, who attended the Ghanaian equivalent of high school. Their friendship grew through phone calls and FaceTime.

“He never asked me for money again, he asked about mosquito nets and anti-malarial drugs,” said Adams.

Five years after the first phone call, Prince now works for a private security company that guards the US embassy in Accra, the capital of Ghana. His 20-year-old brother Isaac received a scholarship to study at Howard University in Washington DC. His freshman started last October.

“I have two plans: I plan to become a biochemist and also a pharmacist,” said Issac.

As the dorms are closed for the holidays, Isaac spends the Christmas holidays with Adams in Alexandria. He said he had learned a lot in his short time in the States and was grateful for the opportunity.

“There was a big plan for me, God has something that He really has planned for me,” said Issac. “When I went through training and fighting (in Ghana) I went to school with no food, so I took the opportunity to come here. Everything happens for a reason, so I’m glad I came here with this honorable man through the call center campaign. “

The couple will be attending a few local Christmas events over the holidays.

“I’m going to take him to Natchitoches, where I went to college in Northwestern, for Christmas,” said Adams.

With his brother in Louisiana, KALB informed Prince about his friendship with Adams via FaceTime.

“Mister. Steve is just a godsend to us and my family,” said Prince. “The kind of love he showed me, the things he sent me, the money and the care and love for my mother. In In Africa we have a lot of malaria, so he got my mother a mosquito net and lots of medicine. The love he showed me is overwhelming. “

While answering fraudulent calls is not a good idea, there is no way to find out who might be on the other line.

“The moral of the story is that we are our brother’s keepers. It is our job to take care of each other in this world. If you see someone in need of help, we should help them, ”said Adams.

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