Urfi Javed trudged for garments once more, followers say – solely mosquito nets remained …


Former Bigg Boss candidate and TV actress Urfi Javed is on everyone’s lips about her outfit every day. Urfi wears it all, tries everything new and is targeted by the trolling of fans. According to Bigg Boss, urfi is the clothing of the one who has so far been preserved in the eyes of the audience.

Urfi was trolled for her denim top for the first time since leaving Bigg Boss. Urfi tries everything new and is captured by the Paperies cameras. Now the fans are waiting for Urfi’s new dress to be worn. Urfi recently donned a blue bra top. And on top of that they wore a white net. When she saw her, she came under fire from the trolls again.

Urfi, who was active on social media, went to her Instagram yesterday to share photos in a blue bra top and also wore a white net that fans started talking about. Every time Urfi has to hear strange weird comments about his outfit. Trollers also comment on Urfi’s outfit, one man wrote: “Today pigeons got caught in the fishing net, there are many such comments on Urfi’s photo.

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