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CHENNAI: Ordnance Clothing Factory Avadi is celebrating its diamond anniversary with the launch of the “Diamond Jubilee Pillar” at the VKK Menon Kalyana Mandapam and Convention Center here on Tuesday.

The Armored Vehicle Ammunition Depot of India (AVADI) was designated in 1961 by the then Defense Minister VKK Menon for the commissioning of the Ordnance Clothing Factory, the first of its kind in South India. The war situation between India and China in 1961 made the opening of the fourth clothing factory necessary for the nation’s defense readiness, says Santosh Kumar Sinha, chairman and managing director of Troop Comforts Limited.

Currently, OCF, Avadi, is part of Defense PSU Troop Comforts Limited, a Government of India company that will be subordinate to the Ministry of Defense from October 1, 2021 and headquartered in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. “We have four units under the Defense PSU Troop Comforts Limited, which cover the enormous need for clothing of the armed forces and paramilitary forces. The other three are in Hazratpur, Kanpur and Shahjahanpur, ”Sinha told TNIE.

The factory was sanctioned by the President of India on September 6, 1961 at an estimated cost of 17.40 lakh and began manufacturing uniforms on November 1, 1961. Later on June 2nd, 1962 the “Parachute Production Unit” was installed at an estimated cost of `21.95 lakh.

Initially, the factory was entrusted with the production of simple and conventional items of clothing such as shirts, shorts, trousers, dungarees, universal bag sets and hats for the three services. Since then, the production has diversified to sophisticated items such as tents, parachutes and overall flying for the pilots. In the 1970s, this factory was used to meet the army’s main requirements for winter clothing, mosquito nets, and waterproof covers.

The lion’s share of the Army’s requirements for combat uniforms, overalls with disruptive combinations, and overalls of various shades for the Navy were made in the 1980s. The 1990s paved the way for polyester or cotton blends, vests for the army, dangerous uniforms, and more elegant tent shapes like Tent Arctic Large.

OCF also exported casual clothing (shirts and jackets) to the United States and Middle Eastern countries between 1993 and 1996. It was then awarded the INAME Prize by the Mexican government.

As a measure of product diversification, the development of a bulletproof jacket (BRJ) was carried out in December 2017 with a very short period of three months. The first prototype was launched during Ordnance Factory Day (March 18, 2018). OCF Avadi became part of the National Standardization Body (BIS) and played a crucial role in setting the Indian standards for Bullet Resistant Jacket (BRJ). The first shipment from FRY was delivered to the General Director of the Tamil Nadu Police Department on August 11, 2020 during the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Week celebrations. Similarly, Ballistic Helmet was developed and launched at OCF Avadi on December 13, 2021.

Starting next year, OCF Avadi plans to export with a target of 10 crore. “We will focus on the Middle East and Southeast Asia,” Sinha said, highlighting OCF Avadi’s role in providing personal protective equipment to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. OCF is currently working on lighter uniforms as well as digital printing and antibacterial camouflaged clothing for troops.

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