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With eight seasons and over a dozen spin-offs, there are plenty of great 90-day fiancé episodes to watch. While some episodes highlight the heartbreak between international couples, others feature hilarious moments between them. Fish-out-of-the-water stories and weird couples are perfect fodder for laughs in fictional comedies, and the result is no different in 90 Day Fiancé.

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The funniest episodes of the show come from the funniest cast of 90 Day Fiancé, in situations that highlight their one-liners and weird demeanor. Fans love to watch the franchise’s funniest episodes over and over again, even when they don’t portray the couples’ best moments.


“No way out” (90 days fiancé – S6, E8)

Colt and Larissa from the 90-day fiancé are sitting outside

Larissa and Colt give the 90-day fiancé some of his best episodes. Colt gets into an argument with his partners on the series, but some of the best comedies of its segments come when he and Larissa interact with his family and friends.

In “No Way Out” Larissa gets into a confrontation with Colt’s cousin John, which many viewers see again and again. John doubts Larissa’s integrity, which leads to her excluding him from their wedding. Most importantly, she unleashes her classic one-liner: “Whoever is against the queen will die!” in one of the funniest family fights on the show.

“Under Pressure” (90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days – S3, E7)

Angela from 90-day fiancé hits Michael's face with a cake

Angela and Michael experienced many ups and downs during their time at 90 Day Fiancé, and their explosive temperaments make for some of the funniest episodes on the show. In fact, many fans would refer to Angela as one of the 90-day fiancé’s funniest women. The arguments can be hilarious in words alone, but their fight on “Under Pressure” gives the audience pure slapstick.

During the episode, Michael and Angela are back on track, so Michael buys her an apology cake. Angela suspects that he is trying to “manipulate” [her] with the cake “and smashes it in his face. The moment comes straight from The Three Stooges and makes the episode an outstanding comedy.

“Broken Promises” (90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way – S1, E7)

Ronald from 90-day fiance and friends at his bachelorette party

While 90-day fiancee seasons often lead to highly anticipated wedding episodes, the stag and hen parties are some of the show’s funniest episodes. While Paul’s struggles with his legal past in Brazil cause some laughs in “Broken Promises”, Ronald’s bachelorette party is the most important comedic event.

Ronald promises his fiancée Tiffany not to drink excessively at his bachelorette party and that no strippers will be around. Exuberance emerges when he breaks all of their rules and even tells interviewers that he’s “a little tipsy” after the audience sees him lap dance and chug beer after beer with his pals.

“Going The Distance” (90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days – S1, E2)

Paul from the 90-day fiancé is wearing a mosquito net

Even if Paul doesn’t want to be funny, he makes the 90-day fiancé a lot of cheerfulness. Fans laughed at everything from Paul’s escape from crew members to his mishaps with the online translation. Paul’s funniest episode, however, is the one where he first travels to see Karine.

Before Paul leaves for Brazil, he shows the audience his mountain of supplies, including a full-body mosquito net and condoms, which are supposed to protect his genitals from foreign pests. Eventually, he embarks on one of the show’s most grueling trips and takes a multi-day boat trip to meet Karine. The trip is full of the same tropes of a road trip comedy and causes laughter throughout.

“Meet The Family” (90 days fiancé – S4, E3)

A close up of Anfisa with a disgruntled look at 90 Day Fiance.

Anfisa is one of the more outspoken cast of 90 Day Fiancé. She’s not afraid to speak up, and audiences get a drink from the star over the years. One of her funniest scenes comes in “Meet the Family”.

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Some fans may return to Meet the Family to see Chantel and Pedro meet the Chantel family for the first time, but others come straight to the laugh from Anfisa. She tells Jorge everything he needs to get her in the episode and makes fans laugh as he tries to meet their demands. This becomes an ongoing act on the show, and the audience can’t get enough.

“Torn” (90-Day Fiancé: The Other Way – S1, E9)

Jihoon of 90 days fiance in a restaurant in a turtleneck sweater

Jihoon and Deavan are one of the more playful couples from 90 Day Fiancé, and they make the audience laugh with them in their episodes. However, the show is known for moments of unintentional comedy between partners, and the laughter often comes from romantic glitches.

Jihoon proposes marriage to Deavan in “Ripped Apart,” and the scene makes the episode one of the funniest on the show. Jihoon has to fish Deavan’s ring out of her ginger ale-filled champagne flute, and the sequence ends with a broken glass. Fortunately for Jihoon, she still says yes.

“Meet The Parents” (90 Days Fiancé: Before 90 Days – S1, E4)

Jesse's parents drink wine at dinner on their 90-day fiance

It’s no secret that meeting parents leads to comedy gold. Audiences have had awkward moments in dozens of comedies where couples meet their in-laws, and the situation turns out to be just as funny in real life. When the audience meets Jesse’s parents in “Meet the Parents”, the laughter comes in droves.

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The clean model Jesse brings his girlfriend Darcey to dinner with his mother and stepfather. Her eccentric style is in contrast to Darcey and Jesse, but the real comedy comes when they open up their son’s relationship with blunt questions. Darcey tries to go with the flow, but the embarrassing dinner makes people laugh when Jesse’s father-in-law asks questions like “You saw each other for a day and are already planning to have kids?”

“Secret, secret, I have a secret” (90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days – S3, E6)

Benjamin and Akinyi 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days

A few families come together in Secret Secret I’ve Got A Secret, and some meetings go more smoothly than others. Fans return to the episode to review the tense moments between Tim and Jeniffer’s father, but nothing is as fun as Benjamin’s meeting with Akinyi’s family. Some 90-day fiancé fans haven’t picked the couple, but that shouldn’t stop Benjamin.

Akinyi is subsequently nervous for Benjamin while he is “just nervous, up close”. Benjamin is a soldier, but fans can’t help but freak out when he learns he’s the first friend Akinyi introduces to her father. When Akinyi’s father doesn’t show up, things get worse.

“Cut in both directions” (90-day fiancé: Before the 90 days – S4, E10)

Big Ed hands Rose a toothbrush for her 90-day fiancé

Big Ed became one of the breakout stars of 90 Day Fiancé. The fan favorite made the audience laugh from its very first scenes and demonstrated his mayonnaise hair therapy technique. However, Big Ed got a wider audience to notice him after the hilarious moments of “Cuts Both Ways”.

As a result, Big Ed and Rose get intimate for the first time. However, when the two discussed hygiene over the next few days, matters took a turn. Big Ed tries – not so gracefully – to tell Rose to brush her teeth more. When Rose explains that she has an ulcer that is causing her bad breath, Big Ed tries to step back and tell her he loves her. When Rose called Big Ed ugly in her native language, only Rose and the audience were there at the joke.

“Love is a battlefield” (90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days – S3, E4)

Timothy and Jeniffer argue about 90-day fiancée in a taxi

There is no lack of drama in “Love is a Battlefield”. Zied gets into an argument with a stranger after looking at Rebecca, Darcey falls into tears after spending a night with Tom, and Omar and Avery argue over which wedding dress to choose. However, fans enjoy watching the episode for Timothy and Jennifer.

The couple meet for the first time in this episode, and their segments are full of comedic imagery. From Timothy’s giant teddy bear to his gold eye masks, he’s not afraid of looking silly when it comes to Jennifer’s luck. However, he finds out he has bigger fish to fry when he and Jeniffer get into a hilarious argument over his exaggerated ex.

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