Pink Cross sends assist to Surigao, Bohol


HUMANITARIAN MISSIONThe Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is sending this payload as part of its humanitarian mission to Surigao del Norte and Bohol, two provinces hit by Typhoon “Odette” (international name: “Rai”), Dec. 17, 2021. SUBMITTED PHOTO

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has sent a humanitarian caravan to two provinces, hit by Typhoon “Odette” (international name: “Rai”) on Friday.

Humanitarian caravans have been sent from the Headquarters of the People’s Republic of China in the city of Mandaluyong to the typhoon-ravaged areas of Surigao del Norte and Bohol.

In the caravan were 17 Red Cross employees, two Hot Meals on Wheels food trucks, a utility loader, an ambulance, a tractor head with a low loader, a wheeler truck with a shelter tool kit and generator, and a 6×6 truck.

The loader is used to clear impassable roads due to fallen trees and debris in the affected areas.

According to its chairman, Senator Richard Gordon, the Philippine Red Cross will continue to innovate and plan ahead so that it can fulfill its mission of serving the most vulnerable.

“The 4Ps prediction, planning, preparation and practice is imparted to every volunteer and employee of the Philippine Red Cross. When it comes to disasters and emergencies, we’re always the first, always ready and always there, ”said Gordon.

Gordon had previously said in an interview with Australian media on Thursday that the distribution of face mask blankets, mosquito nets, hygiene kits and water cans has been accelerated.

He also urged the public to donate to the affected communities in Visayas and Mindanao as they prepare to send relief supplies, food packages and sleeping sets to the affected areas.

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