Mosquito web given by the Gospel for Asia saves mom from lethal encounter


WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World) founded by KP Yohannan who inspired numerous charities like Gospel for Asia Canada to help the poor and needy worldwide – Discuss Karinya and her family, the devastation caused by disease, loss and poverty and the GFA World gift distribution of a mosquito net that brought relief and hope.

A thin web like this was the only barrier between Karinya and her son and a deadly snake.

When their eldest son Slavomir was diagnosed with epilepsy, the lives of Karinya and Dalibor changed dramatically. The parents devoted their time and money to supporting their son. After years of battling the disease – and a period of calm from seizures – epilepsy finally claimed Slavomir’s life.

Karinya and Dalibor were devastated. The grief was all consuming, and the various medical bills they had amassed only added to their fear and left them financially devastated.

A new job

During Slavomir’s illness, Karinya and her family met GFA Pastor Bedrich, who spent many hours praying and fasting for Slavomir’s healing. He was happy with the family when the healing came; he welcomed Karinya to the local community of believers; and he mourned Slavomir’s death after the young man had been cured for three years. Pastor Bedrich had seen the family’s resources dwindle as she did everything possible to nurse her son back to health.

Now, 14 years after Slavomir’s death, the compassionate pastor prayed for the family who faced another challenge: poverty. Financially exhausted, the family of six could not even afford a single mosquito net, a prerequisite for protecting themselves from the pests of the area and the diseases and diseases that mosquitoes carry.

Pastor Bedrich prayed fervently for a solution to the family’s need. The answer came in the form of an idea. He decided to organize a mosquito net distribution for their village.

As a result of the distribution, 630 people, including Karinya and her family, received a mosquito net as a gift. While it seemed such a simple gift, it provided great relief from the anger of the buzzing creatures and a peace of mind with the protective layer from the disease-transmitting insects.

Saved by a thin web

For Karinya’s family, the gift came at the perfect time. The very next night Karinya and her son slept under the network coverage. At around 11 p.m., Karinya woke up to go to the bathroom. Before she got out of bed, however, she spotted a large snake lying next to her bed. Amazingly, there was nothing between Karinya and a deadly snakebite except the thin mosquito net.

Worried, she quickly alerted her husband, hoping that the mosquito net would continue to deter the snake’s attack until Dalibor was able to remove the threatening reptile. The whole family soon woke up to frantic activity. Karinya and her son waited with bated breath as the rest of the family killed the threatening snake.

“If I hadn’t received this mosquito net, I and my son would have lost our lives last night,” Karinya said.

Although her challenges were numerous, Karinya is grateful for the Church’s assistance in meeting her family’s needs. She is especially grateful for the blessing of the thin web that saved her and her son’s lives.

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