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AGRA: The mercury level may have fallen below 10 degrees Celsius, but the number of dengue cases continues to increase in the Agra district. According to the latest records from the Ministry of Health, 1,165 cases of dengue have been confirmed in Agra district so far this year. Indeed, this is the highest number of dengue cases reported in the county in a year.
The maximum number of cases were reported in the months of September and October. More than 100 people with dengue-like symptoms and a high fever have died in the county in the past four months. Most of them were children. According to health records, only seven dengue patients died in the district.
In 2018, 190 dengue cases were reported in Agra district, 144 in 2019 and only 25 in 2020. This year, the spread of the DENV-2 variant, the strongest variant of dengue fever, led to the maximum number of cases.
Dhruv Kumar, District Disease Monitoring Officer, said, “Over 30,000 samples from patients with fever have been tested in the past five months. Of these, 1,165 dengue cases were confirmed. Health department teams are still conducting surveys in rural areas to identify patients with fever and help them with necessary treatment. Cleaning work and anti-larval sprays are carried out in the villages to prevent the further spread of dengue. With the drop in temperature, the number of new cases fell significantly in the last month. ”
The additional director of the Ministry of Health, AK Singh, said: “The effects of a dengue infection persist in the patient for a period of 21 days. Another drop in temperature will stop the dengue virus from mutating. The situation is completely under control. Free beds are available for dengue patients in state hospitals in the region. People need to be on alert for the next 10 days. Mosquitoes move in because the outside temperature is cold and unsuitable for them. It is good to use a mosquito net while sleeping. Particular caution is required for children. ”
Over 6,000 cases of dengue have been confirmed in the Agra division to date, according to health ministry records. Most of these are reported in the Firozabad district. Some cases of malaria and bush typhus have also been reported.

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