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CHENNAI: The life of Sakthi Priya, who lives in Kolathur, has been revolving around the green mosquito net that surrounds her bed at the Institute for Child Health in Egmore for a week.
Like the eight-year-old, whose platelet count was only 15,000 when she was admitted, contrary to the ideal of 1.5 to 4.5 lakh, about 10 children are treated in the intensive care unit for severe dengue and 20 more are treated in the general ward with milder symptoms. Their homes were flooded for days after the recent rain fell and water mixed with sewage.
Sakthi Priya’s grandmother Jamuna says the young girl vomited badly and has not been able to go to school since then. After treatment at the family doctor failed, we brought her here. It can take another 10 days for her to recover. ”According to doctors, an average of 45 children come to the ICH every day.
Perambur resident Revathy said the water stayed in her home for weeks and her five-year-old son, Kirubakaran, fell ill with dengue even though she hadn’t rattled the house. “The risk of sewage and stagnation was unbearable. We complained to the company about pumping out the water, but we got no help, ”she says, adding that the boys’ pallet count has improved to 29,000.
Of the 106 cases reported in the city in November, 46 were from the Teynampet and Kodambakkam zones, suggesting an accumulation. The Deputy Commissioner (Health) Dr. Manish Narnaware said surveillance was strong and infected children had been identified through fever camps. “Aside from spraying bleaching power and making sure there was no stagnation, 15 entomologists worked to identify the cause of the disease,” he said.
Experts warn that parents need to identify symptoms early for treatment to be effective. “If the platelet count falls below 10,000, it can lead to cerebral haemorrhage. It will also cause swelling of the gallbladder and buildup of fluid outside of the lungs, ”said Dr. Suresh Kumar, Infectious Disease Consultant, Apollo Hospitals. Dr. Madhumitha R, infectious disease consultant at MGM Healthcare, said that in the event of extreme bleeding manifestations, children must be transfused with platelets due to delay in diagnosis. “Prolonged dengue manifestation can even cause dengue hepatitis because it puts stress on the liver,” she said.
Since most children are not vaccinated against Covid-19 and the Omicron variant is lurking, doctors say dengue can pose a major threat as they have low immunity.
Dr. Manish Narnaware said, “We printed two lakh pamphlets on dengue security to be distributed across town.”

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