four properties in Goa honoring the state’s design heritage


The two-story cantilevered house sits gently on a sloping hill, hidden from the public by high walls and lots of shrub foliage. A wooden staircase leads to the foyer. Adjacent to the door is an outdoor dining area with a table for six and a rustic clay oven where Chawla and his wife Saloni Puri hand-fire pizzas with heavenly crusts. The focus, however, is when you make yourself comfortable on the living room couch. Directly opposite is a towering horizontal glass window that extends the entire length of the room. This window frames the tree outside beautifully, and the crown of the tree, which is cut out of view, was painted as a mural on the inside wall by Goa-based artist Marina Izvarina.

Light falls into the dining area through the frosted glass skylight, which is scattered by palm fronds. In the corner is a Salvador Dalí art chair that Chawla picked up from Arangi Jodi in Goa; above is a recent pentaptych photographed by Chawla. Photo: Bharath Ramamrutham

Chawla’s personal taste is more towards minimalism, symmetry, grids and clear lines. “The color scheme began in very neutral tones, a monochromatic brown and white palette that wouldn’t detract from the panoramic views outside. I’m drawn to an aesthetic that’s a mix of Le Corbusier and John Pawson, ”he says. On the way, Puri mixed the room with a fearless splash of color into the upholstery and linen. “I replaced all the ultra-modern beds in the three bedrooms with antique four-poster beds and mosquito net silhouettes to give the spartan Rohit a rustic safari feel,” adds Puri.

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