Frontiers of luxurious Starbeds are reinventing journey escapes


Luxury Frontiers reinvents travel escapes with its star beds

The international design company Luxury Frontiers predicts a seismic change in the Travel industry towards experiences that promote an authentic sense of place, harmony with nature and spiritual recalibration – and perfect the idea with its experience-based “star beds”.

The “Starbeds” combine the comfort of a traditional guest room with the thrill of being outdoors, amid the sounds of flora and fauna, the fresh night air and the stars above. With minimal lighting to avoid light pollution and a simple, rustic decor, the experience is meant to allow for complete and undisturbed immersion in nature.

The Puku Ridge Lodge Suite is built from lightweight Zambian wood

Enjoy a close-up view of African nature at Puku Ridge and Abu Camp

For those who dream of sleeping under the stars in the wild, Puku Ridge is home to luxurious Frontiers’ Starbeds – a prestigious Zambian bush lodge that serves the Design company Recently reinterpreted – the place to be. New additions included two-story observation towers with a starry sky offering uninterrupted panoramic views of South Luangwa National Park.

Made of lightweight Zambian wood, with a climate-neutral bamboo composite floor and waterproof outer walls made of woven fibers, the structures feel like extensions of the surrounding trees. “Guests can make themselves comfortable on their bed with a mosquito net, which is under a shady canopy during the day and pulled out at night to sunbathe under the stars and look out over one of the largest nature reserves in the world,” says Luxus Grenz.

Luxury Frontiers combines bedroom concepts with the thrill of being outdoors with starbeds 2
Overview of the Puku Ridge Bush Lodge

The Luxury Frontiers Starbed experience is just as inviting and immersive in legendary Botswana Abu Camp. High above the elephant boma, the camp’s elephant sanctuary, the suite on the canopy level is furnished with lanterns, vintage-style suitcases and a four-poster bed covered with mosquito nets. With a retro romantic vibe, couples can celebrate a special evening with a private dinner under the stars and getting close to the sanctuary’s rescued elephants while dozing off right behind the outdoor suite.

“More and more of our guests are looking for new and different safari experiences that help them to connect not only with nature, but also with themselves and their loved ones”, Comments Wilderness Safaris Zimbabwe Managing Director Ron Goatley.

Luxury Frontiers combines bedroom concepts with the thrill of being outdoors with starbeds 3
Guests can enjoy an uninterrupted panoramic view of South Luangwa National Park on Puku Ridge

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