Mesh mosquito pants to drag over your shorts


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Sometimes summer rolls around and you realize you need a few new things to get through the season. The swimsuit from last year no longer fits. Your inflatable pool is no longer holding air. Or you finally decide that you’ve had insect bites, you can’t take it anymore and after the pandemic you don’t care what you look like to others anyway, so you get yourself a pair of mosquito pants.

The camping professionals at Coghlan’s came up with these nice, chic pants, which Coghlan’s says: “These pants made of ultra-fine no-see-around polyester mesh with 1150 holes / in² are the ultimate protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects! ” The Amazon listing for the mosquito pants promises that the product “protects against mosquitoes, wooden ticks, deer ticks and no-see-ums”.


The mosquito pants cost $ 12.95 on Amazon, although you won’t be able to choose different sizes in this listing. A quick search will reveal all of the size options.

Because they look exactly what my dad would both make fun of and own, I sent him the link and, predictably, he declared them “hilarious”. I am now waiting to see if he buys a pair for bird watching, an activity where we often stop in the woods while mosquitoes eat at will.

Let’s face it: these mosquito pants look silly. There is no way around. But I’ve been in mosquito-rich situations that I could have used these, and I’d rather look silly than have malaria or Zika or West Nile virus.

Mosquito sucking blood on human skinAdobe

In addition, warming is changing the boundaries where ticks (and thus tick-borne diseases) can live and thrive. And medical professionals in some parts of the US are concerned about a boom in Lyme disease cases in 2021 because it looks like a big year for nymph-stage ticks, which are most likely to spread diseases to people and their pets.

Of course, ticks are terrible little ninjas that will ride your pants, sneak up your waistband and give you (figuratively) a heart attack if you discover one of them is sucking hours later, and it seems like a tick could do that even if you wear bent pants. So it is worth noting that these mosquito pants can have some limitations. And while they have a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, there are also some complaints.

“It has reduced the total number of mosquito bites,” wrote a reviewer named Wanderer. “But mosquitos still bite through the areas where the skin is in contact with the insect clothing when they crouch in the garden to work. It’s pretty warm to wear even in summer. “

There seems to be a benefit of donning mosquito pants for gardening that you don’t have to mess with mosquito repellants, but this review makes me think that in some situations it might be best to use picaridin over or even under the pants. (Since the pants are made of polyester, spraying DEET directly on them can damage them.)

Ranger Ready Picaridin Insect RepellentAmazon

Reviewers reported that the mosquito pants were used for gardening, canoeing, and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, which begs the question: are they durable?

“I bought these for my husband a year ago while I was working in his family home in South Texas,” wrote a reviewer named Grace, who gives an insight into the durability of these bent pants. “I didn’t know how valuable they would be to him when he cleaned up after Hurricane Harvey. The mosquitoes are out of control. He said they saved him from being eaten alive. They only lasted it all year but it’s worth it. The material is thin so they tear easily when bumped against brushes and broken limbs, but held up well under ‘normal’ wear while mowing and weeding. “

And since I grew up in the Midwest and learned early on that ticks and mosquitoes aren’t the only things to get hold of in the forest, I was intrigued by one reviewer’s claim that mosquito pants also keep insects at bay. although Coghlans doesn’t mention the nasty little creatures in their description.

“No bites, easy to put on and take off, fabulous price,” wrote Emily. Then she asked about insect suits for her dogs.

Coghlan’s also makes an insect jacket with a head net. Makes sense – if you need the pants you will likely need to cover your arms as well.

Couple walking in insect pants and insect jackets with head netsAmazon

However you keep the bugs out this summer, good luck and stay safe!

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