The Brood X cicadas seem. What ought to insect haters do to organize?


You’ve probably heard all about the impending emergence of the Brood X cicada. That is, unless you lived in a hole in a ground next to the cicadas.

There have been reports of these errors already appearing in the DC area and we are expected to hit maximum cicada saturation in the next few weeks. They’ve been chilling underground for the past 17 years (nobody gives them Shrek 2 spoilers!), And soon they’re going to show up to mate, eat, and really, really freak a lot of us out.

Yes, some of you may hate bugs or have a deep phobia of all things, and it’s probably safe to say that you are unsuccessful right now. What to do to protect yourself from bombing attacks We polled Twitter to see what your fellow bug haters are doing to prepare for anything to do with Brood X.

Alternatively, if you feel like exposure therapy, you can just eat it. But don’t let your dogs do that. On the good side of Covid: we’ve all got used to walking around outdoors wearing a mask that doubles as a cicada shield.

I just bought it when I have to leave the house. I’ve never seen this before and so prepared for the worst!

– Elle N. Jai (@theurbanjeanius) April 29, 2021

If you currently live in DC I recommend large amounts of medication.

– Dextrosity (@thedextrosity) April 29, 2021

– Deane Madsen (@deane_madsen) April 29, 2021

Probably crying

– Julia Zigman (@JuliaZigman) April 29, 2021

Stay at home

– Zoe Ezrailson (@ Zoe453) April 29, 2021

Cover your entire house.

– Bobrarian (@bobgiann) April 29, 2021

My bigger concern is to make sure my dog ​​doesn’t eat too many of them. He may look cute and innocent, but he’s an insect hunter.

– Scott B (@ Scott_B_34) April 29, 2021

Whatever you do, keep the mask, you will need it.

– New Columba (@DConeCity) April 29, 2021

Mask yourself and sprint to where I need to go outside.

– Nick ⾲ (@nick_leake) April 29, 2021

A children’s tennis racket.

– Zac Ezrailson (@ZacEzrailson) April 29, 2021

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