Large twister from swarms of mosquitoes in Argentina; Video baffles individuals


A driver in Argentina was shocked to see a large Twister-like figure in the sky, only to find that the figure was made of mosquitos. A video appeared on the Internet showing a moving tornado. But as you get closer, you’ll find that it’s not a tornado at all, it’s a swarm of mosquitos. The video was captured by a driver on Route 74 between General Madariaga and Pinamar in Argentina. The clip of the bizarre incident went viral online.

Tornado of mosquitos spotted

The video was posted on Twitter and during the video you can hear the driver say, “It’s getting bigger, I’ve never seen anything like it.” The terrible huge mosquito storm that looks like a tornado shocked drivers in Argentina. At first it seemed like a normal but scary twister that they couldn’t escape. However, as they approached it, they found that it was mosquitoes that were causing it. Check out the video

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Juan Jose Garcia, a researcher at the Center for Parasitological Studies and Vector Studies (CEPAVE), told local media that heavy rains caused flooding, which resulted in stagnant water causing large numbers of female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. He added that this often leads to insects entering the city. He said that these insects are not a threat to humans but can affect agricultural activities. He also added that this will stop within 15 days as these insects could die during that time. Locals in the area have also asked the authorities to fumigate the flying pests.

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The Pinamar Municipality’s Directorate of Zoonosis responded to people’s inquiries that the fumigation was ineffective as it would kill only a tiny fraction of the mosquito population in the area, “reported The Daily Mail. According to The Daily Mail, Locals Will Be In The Area Recommended to use insect repellant, and it was also recommended to cover the water sources when not in use.

Internet users were also scared of seeing these mosquitos while some made fun of the situation. One user wrote: “These days are not far away when mosquitoes will kidnap you for not giving them blood.” Another user wrote: “A mosquito tornado in Argentina: never seen before.” “I’ve seen tornadoes and mosquitoes quite often (relatively speaking), but never a mosquito tornado,” wrote another person. See the reaction of internet users.


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