Mosquito ‘Twister’ found in Argentina


Move over Shark-Nado. Skeeter-Nado is a thing now. Motorists near Buenos Ares, Argentina, made a video of a cloud of thousands of mosquitoes that was shaped like a tornado. According to Juan Jose Garcia, a researcher at the Center for Parasitological and Vector Studies, this type of mosquito breeds in “swarms” or clusters of hundreds or even thousands several feet above the ground, not in pairs as we see here in the Carolinas.

This coastal community has dealt with heavy rain and warmer temperatures, flooding open fields with stagnant water. It created the ultimate breeding ground for these pesky beetles – a process similar to that seen here in the warm, humid summer months.

This type of mosquito is found all over Argentina – usually in rural areas. However, if they are born in large numbers, they can invade cities as well. While these swarms are a scary sight, if they land on you they will not bite, so they do not pose a health risk to humans. Fortunately, the life cycle of these skeeters is only 15 days. The best course of action is to grab some bug spray and wait for it.

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