Mosquitos ordered from the Metropolis of Redding – Crimson Bluff Day by day Information


A meeting of members of the Redding District Mosquito Abatement was held at City Hall on Tuesday evening. There has been considerable discussion of how best to rid the district of the pest.

Those in attendance noted that the current influx of mosquitoes has been the worst in years and that heroic action must be taken to keep the community healthy. Although no concrete plans have been made to eradicate them, other than oiling the breeding grounds and draining water-filled holes, as in previous years, new ways of getting to the mosquitoes are being considered.

It was evident that if the campaign is to be successful, collaboration is required and everyone must do their part.

One of the ideas put forward was that the schools, both college and grammar, should be put into action and that this is very good for educating the public on how to find breeding grounds. Perhaps there is a way to give prizes to those who have worked the hardest and good, healthy competition can be sparked.

– February 25, 1921

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