Mosquito hurricane in Argentina


The Argentine media reported a strange incident in the province of Buenos Aires. A whirlwind of mosquitos.

Mosquito hurricane does not exist as a phenomenon. What happened was a big hurricane. Just a mosquito cloud can be an unusual fact, but the shape of a hurricane is even more tragic.

The bizarre incident was filmed by drivers traveling on Route 74, which connects General Madriaga with Pinamar in the province of Buenos Aires.

Mosquito hurricane in Pinamar | Unusual video continues on Route 74

Speech by Juan Garcia, researcher at the Centers for Parasitological Studies and Vector Studies (CPA)

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America TV (meric America TV), February 24, 2021

Surprise Warning Amazing “Mosquito Hurricane”: Will It Reach Rosario?
The strange phenomenon was caught by drivers in the area between Mad General Madriaga and Pinamar. 🤔
🗞https: // Rosario3

– Rosario (osRosariotres), February 24, 2021

It is a harmless insect that breeds in “clusters” that form several meters from the earth. The Atlantic coast where the episode took place was hit by a massive mosquito attack over the next few days Several days of good rainfall and high temperatures accumulate, ideal conditions for expansion.

“It’s getting bigger, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” says a driver who recorded the phenomenon with his cell phone and then responded to the astonishment of the users on social networks.

A biologist on “hurricanes”. He pointed out that this species, in contrast to the paired dengue mosquitoes, reproduces in groups that are several meters away from the earth.

“It takes eggs a year to wait for the earth to flood. Once the larvae are born, at this temperature they transform into pupae within 5 or 6 days and into mosquitoes within 48 hours. Men and women are born within the first 24 hours.

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