2.7 m Kampala, Wakiso residents to get free nets


By promise Twinamukye

Effective January 10, 2021, the villages in Kampala and the Wakiso district are to receive insecticide-treated mosquito nets as the Ministry of Health ends the mass distribution this year.

The Deputy Commissioner for Health Services in charge of Malaria Control, Dr. Jimmy Opigo said the distribution should have happened earlier during the fourth wave of the mass mosquito net distribution but was swapped for one of the flood-hit northern counties and needed it more urgently.

He said the mass distribution of nets, which was supposed to happen a little earlier, has been delayed by two months due to the delay caused by COVID-19 and the delay in shipping Mombasa.

The nets are kept in sub-county stores from where they are taken to various parishes where people can easily access them.

To ensure thorough distribution, those responsible must register each household to ensure that two people in each household are networked.

According to Daniel Kyabayinze Yafeesi, an epidemiologist, this exercise is done quickly to avoid conflict with elections.


“We’re going to use more people to help with the distribution so we can close 24 hours before the election,” said Kyabayinze.

This gives the exercise at least three days to cover all of the mentioned areas.

In this wave, 1,147,019 nets will be distributed to an estimated population of 2,492,711 people in Kampala district and 1,566,949 nets to an estimated population of 3,225,945 people in Wakiso district.

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