Uganda distributes 20 million nets within the renewed combat in opposition to malaria – Xinhua


KAMPALA, January 7th (Xinhua). The Ugandan Ministry of Health has distributed 20 million mosquito nets since August last year in the country’s renewed fight against malaria, one of the fatal diseases.

The long-lasting insecticide-treated nets have been distributed to 122 districts across the country, according to a statement by the Health Department on Thursday.

The statement said 11 more districts will receive the nets by next month, bringing the total number of nets distributed to 27.5 million.

According to the statement, the exercise aims to create a culture of net use and maintain the gains made by the previous campaigns, which have resulted in a reduction in malaria prevalence.

According to the Ministry of Health, between 70,000 and 100,000 people die of malaria each year, mostly pregnant mothers and children.

The country has made remarkable progress in the fight against malaria. According to the Malaria Indicator Survey 2018/19, the prevalence rate dropped from 19 to 9 percent.

Progress has been attributed to the continuous distribution of mosquito nets, fall management, and spraying of debris indoors.

As part of the free distribution of mosquito nets, the ministry wants all citizens to sleep under a mosquito net every night to prevent malaria. End item

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