Kitgum District to ration mosquito nets


Patrick Ocaya, the district director of the Ministry of Health responsible for distributing mosquito nets, will give a presentation on Friday.

Kitgum, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT Several households in Kitgum district have missed the distribution of the Department of Health’s long-life insecticide-treated nets in the ongoing campaign.

This happened because the number of people who were supposed to benefit from the mosquito nets exceeded the number of mosquito nets supplied by the Ministry of Health.

Kitgum District received 154,000 mosquito nets from the Ministry of Health, which were distributed to 338,178 people previously captured during micro-planning in 22 sub-districts.

However, Patrick Ocaya, the district manager in charge of distributing the mosquito nets, says that a validation exercise that was conducted recorded 363,632 beneficiaries, a 25,454 excess over the micro-planning number.

Ocaya made the revelation when he presented activity reports on mosquito net distribution to the district’s malaria task force in Kitgum township on Friday.

He says the mosquito nets assigned by the Department of Health were based on micro-planning numbers conducted by the Village Health Teams-VHTs, LCIs, and sub-county chairs.

Ocaya said the data disparity forced the team to ration the networks of five networks that each registered person should receive to help fight malaria.

He adds that they had to borrow six additional bales from Lamwo district to compensate soldiers in the Pajimo Army barracks who were also omitted from the micro-planning figure.

Ocaya accused local leaders in the villages and sub-county of treating data he flagged for selfish interests, which heavily influenced the Department of Health’s planning for mosquito nets distribution.

In his report, he also revealed that 35 pieces of mosquito nets were recovered after they were stolen by an LCI chairman in the Israeli village of Lolwa Township, Orom sub-county.

John Bosco Komakech, Malaria contact in Kitgum district, confirms the data differences in the incoming network distribution in an interview with Uganda Radio Network in an interview on Friday.

He says the excess population could be among residents who were not captured earlier during micro-planning due to their negative views on the nets, those who were on farmland, and those who recently returned home for festive holidays were.

Kitgum District internal security officer David Aisu says there is a need to raise awareness among local leaders and village leaders about the need to provide accurate data for proper planning.

He also promised security would begin an investigation into the alleged theft of 35 mosquito nets by the LCI chairman of the Israeli village in sub-county Orom.

The government intends to distribute 27.5 million long-lived insecticide treated nets (LLINs) across the country to help tackle malaria, one of the leading kills in the country.



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