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Francis Ayo, chairman of Ilera Cell Village, Agulu division in Apac parish, said he received only 155 of the 349 mosquito nets he expected for his area, one reason he refused to take it.

Thousands of people have missed the recently distributed mosquito nets in the Apac District.

Apac, with an estimated population of 439,000, received only 116,580 insecticide-treated mosquito nets from the Ministry of Health. This means 322,420 people have been missed.

The local leaders argue that the nets delivered do not match the number of people in the entire district.

Francis Ayo, chairman of Ilera Cell Village, Agulu division in Apac Township, said he turned down the nets after receiving only 155 of the 349 mosquito nets required.

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In the sub-county of Ibuje a total of 729 bales with 40 pieces of net each were delivered.

Robson Bob Orech, the sub-county’s community development officer, says the networks are inadequate for their entire population.

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Francis Leone Oceng, the district assistant health officer, stated that the anomalies in the net distribution were created at the national level.

According to Oceng, there is a possibility that there may be an excessive number of people present at registration by the village health teams.

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However, Francis Nkuanza, the team leader for net distribution, said they had also received data from the local leaders informing them of the number of nets to be given out to beneficiaries.

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Information from the district health department indicates that malaria cases are rising sharply in the region.

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