Waterlogging, danger of mosquitoes & waste mgmt my high priorities: Kochi Mayor | Kochi Information


M Anil Kumar, the newly elected Mayor of the Kochi Corporationspeaks to our reporter MK Sunilkumar about his future plans. Excerpts from the interview:
What will your top priorities be as mayor of the local corporation?
Solutions against waterlogging, mosquitoes and garbage will be at the top of the list. Another thing we envision is that the poor and marginalized should be able to live a quality life in Kochi. The resumption of work on the Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) project in Kochi will be one of the priority projects.
Given the limited scope for LDF, won’t you find it difficult to run the house?
I don’t think the LDF has any narrow leeway. LDF has 34 members plus the support of two independents. UDF has only 31 members. Furthermore, there are no opposition parties in local bodies. The administration of the local bodies includes every member who works across party lines.
Are there any projects you’d like to complete in 100 days?
We need to make a list of such projects. Still, I can say that mosquito control can be one of the 100 day projects. I can’t say the project can be finished in 100 days. But we will be able to begin the first phase. Another project is to speed up the construction of the company’s headquarters.
How are you going to tackle the waterlogging problem?
Waterlogging cannot be contained in a day or two. Scientific studies are needed to systematically address the problem. Some studies were done by Esteem many years ago. We need to do a comprehensive study that takes into account all of the complex problems and changes over the past decade and a half. It is those who live in colonies who are mainly affected by waterlogging. You are being rehabilitated.
How do you want to ensure coordination between different agencies?
The lack of coordination between different agencies will be a thing of the past. Kochiites will see the change from day one. We will work with all agencies as well as state and central governments.
How do you see the e-governance project?
We will seek the support of the state government to address the problem. It may take a while. One thing is certain, however. Those looking for service from Kochi Corporation will receive it promptly. Measures to ensure this are taken on a war basis.
How do you think Kochi can increase its revenue?
When the political leadership is free from corruption, the Kochi company can increase its revenues with government support. Sources of income such as rents and other sources have yet to be fully developed.

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