Noida: Sharp decline in malaria, dengue circumstances – Noida


Noida: Gautam Budh Nagar has seen a dramatic decrease in dengue and malaria cases in the district this year compared to last year. According to health ministry officials, there were a total of 26 dengue cases this year, down from 42 last year, while the number of malaria cases fell from 450 last year to 27.

Officials said the cases were sporadic and not restricted to any specific area, as the July-October Covid-19 pandemic and parallel larval control carried out by different departments in July-October had carried out disinfection operations carried out by different departments in the neighborhood .

In 2018, GB Nagar had seen over 427 cases of malaria and 27 cases of dengue, officials said.

“The good thing is that there has been no mortality from dengue or malaria this year or in the past two years. The cases were sporadic. However, there were places of high sensitivity, which included the Yamuna Khadar, Jewar and Dadri areas around the NTPC plant. Cases have also been reported from urban slums, including Sectors 5, 8, 9 and Nithari, which had sites suitable for mosquito breeding, ”said Rajesh Sharma, GB Nagar’s district malaria officer.

Sharma said the malaria mosquito Anopheles broods from July to October and the mosquito Aedes aegypti, which causes dengue fever, comes after August.

“The transmission time for dengue fever is from July to November, for malaria from August and the cases are reported by the first week of November. Both mosquitoes breed in clean water, so the department has helped NGOs raise awareness that still water is suitable for breeding, ”Sharma said.

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