Outdated Issues hang-out New Haven – Because the floods recede, residents battle mosquitoes and sewage issues amid losses information tales


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A month ago, their homes were flooded with mud, debris and debris after heavy rains caused the Duhaney River to overflow its banks. Now the residents of New Haven, a distressed area on the Mandela Highway in St. Andrew, are facing another battle – mosquitos.

They are the nighttime pests plaguing the community now as the floods recede, leaving debris, sewage puddles and a starving fight between ticky-ticky fish and mosquito eggs.

Residents are caught in a duel as the government creates part of a drainage plan to deal with the flooding situation in New Haven, accused Norman Perry, councilor of Duhaney Park, falls into New Haven.

“A comprehensive drainage rehabilitation plan for New Haven was developed under the direction of Portia Simpson Miller in 2007. It was completed shortly before that administration left,” he said.

“Now you have another party that is in power and may not be part of your priority. In many communities across Jamaica, you will find that there are many plans waiting to be funded and there is little that you can do outside of your MP to represent … but it all comes down to funding “Said Hall, adding that work on the sewer system has started in parts of the community.

“My party is not in power and so the government will have its priorities,” the national-party city council continued.

“What you need to understand is that with the flood damage across the island, COVID-19, and the economic downturn, there will be reasons to apologize for the lack of funds,” he argued.

Longstanding mosquito problem

O’Neil Hall, vice president of the New Haven Riverside Gardens Citizens’ Association, said the mosquito problem in the flood-prone community is longstanding and a health risk.

“We always have problems with mosquitos, and as you can see, part of it is because we don’t have proper drainage. Flu, dengue fever and these diseases affect us, especially the children, ”said Hall, who oversaw a Christmas road works initiative last Thursday.

“The river has flooded a whole part of the community and we’re still throwing that part away. So when we see the trucks go by with old broken material, we take it and come and throw it down here. In this way we are trying to raise the land and also get rid of the mosquitoes, ”he explained.

Heavy rain flooding and repeated dumping of the area have turned once recognizable roads into dirt roads.

Riverside Drive, Queensborough Avenue, Emerson and Duhaney Terrace are among the communities where residents were hit by flooding this October as the island was hit by a number of weather systems, including Hurricane Eta.

Many residents no longer had accommodation because their houses were either inaccessible for days after the persistent rain had ended or had been badly damaged by the flood.

“New Haven is one of the most peaceful communities. It’s one of the best here when it comes to talking about crime. But when it comes to infrastructure, it’s one of the worst, ”noted Michael Kelly, questioning the government’s late start to Christmas work in the region.

Reminder of earlier days

Residents Noel (82) and Ms. Gloria Hamilton (79) remember the former Riverside Drive 40 years ago with pride.

They now count furniture and clothing among the damaged items when floods streamed through their home from the street earlier this year.

“This is my favorite – the slippers – because my foot is not that good, but the flood destroys everything – clothes, furniture, everything,” he said, pointing to equipment outside.

That flood and COVID-19 restrictions all but ruined Christmas for them, but the New Year could be bright if business resumes quickly in their store, Noel argued.

Meanwhile, Alderman Perry said residents have received assistance from the Red Cross, Food For The Poor and the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation to help them recover from the disaster. He said that more care packages will be made available after the Christmas season.


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