The 5 funniest quotes from the scared mosquito (& 5 most heartbreaking)


The scary mosquito at Big Mouth is Tito Taylor Thomas and she is the main source of stress in eighth grade this season. She irritates herself, what with her perpetual whining about how bad everything is and how worse it is going to get, but her partnership with Depression Kitty is really dangerous (as Jessi learns).

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Tito grows in size based on how much influence she has, as do the other monsters, beings, and various creatures on the show. The only one who has a chance to defeat this pesky thing is the Gratitoad, who is both a toad and the embodiment of gratitude. That doesn’t mean, of course, that real life fears can be so easily resolved, but it’s still another great portrayal of an inner world in this hit animated hit.

10 Funniest: “You’re going to be an old man with your pristine, dusty little cock!”

Big Mouth Tito and Nick

Tito warns Nick that his “inadequate” equipment would cause serious problems later in life and worsen the level of his already fragile sense of anatomical self-worth (which has to do with his undeveloped body).

The way she says it is downright weird, even if Nick can’t see it that way at this point. Granted that his fears, however irrational they may be, seem real to him, the quote itself reads like something someone would say with loads of satire and irony. It’s just not a normal sentence.

9 Heartbreaking: “Nick, you have to save yourself!”

The only interesting thing about fear is that self-preservation is a person’s most important goal as it is the most effective (and inefficient) way to achieve instant gratification of inner peace.

When the imaginary adult Jessi threatens to blow up the spaceship of the rich that Nick Starr is on, Tito exhorts him to protect his own interests from those of the people he has left behind on earth. In the end, there are only two left, floating in the vacuum of space for all eternity.

8th Funniest: “You’re basically the trainer Steve of this school”

Big Mouth Tito and Jessi

Jessi’s new NYC school is well beyond Bridgeton Middle in every way – from academics to sports to extracurricular activities. However, after being thrown into the system without warning, she is quite embarrassed to be left behind, despite the fact that the curriculum itself is quite advanced.

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Rather than understanding that it always takes time to adapt to a drastically new situation, Tito literally refers to her as Coach Steve (which is both weird and relatively accurate at the same time).

7th Heartbreaking: “You Won’t Have Friends”

Big Mouth Tito

As one of Tito’s frequently repeated lines, everything revolves around one of the core fears of adolescent life: the lack of any camaraderie with people of the same age. Playing on this terror seems to be the main task of the fear mosquito, as this is the easiest way to trap its victims in a downward spiral of self-hatred.

In fact, Nick does it because, while the others are having a transformative experience, he resorts to a raw, loveless personality to deal with what he sees as his greatest failure.

6th Funniest: “People hate when I do this. They hate when I do everything.”

Big Mouth Tito and Nick

Tito introduces himself by biting Nick’s skin arbitrarily and not consensually, but when he reacts with displeasure (as one would do), she moans that everyone hates her no matter what she does.

This trait is central to anxiety disorders as it increases the person’s worthlessness by flatly assuming that no one will ever find them useful. And yet Tito’s wailing voice and the sound of his nose make the quote sound less repulsive and much more humorous.

5 Heartbreaking: “I feel crazy”

Big Mouth Tito

To be perfectly clear, it is terribly offensive to refer to people suffering from mental illness as “crazy”, and the same is true when anthropomorphic cartoon characters do so.

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When Tito’s head turns into a vague caricature of the famous artist Vincent van Gogh who has suffered painful episodes of psychotic breakdowns throughout his life, he mocks the fabric of human compassion. This act presupposes that a person can be reduced to their most visible qualities, especially if they are inherently negative.

4th Funniest: “The last time you pulled your sick little Chode … you killed your grandfather”

Big Mouth Tito and Andrew

Andrew’s first departure from the Glouberman masturbation method (after his interaction with Nick) ends with the death of Zadie, his paternal grandfather. As a child, he doesn’t seem to understand that correlation has nothing to do with causality, and both are independent, unrelated events.

The fear in him goes for a drastically different approach where he doesn’t amuse himself at all as a form of penance. Tito takes this opportunity to warn him about the consequences of his routine. Keyword: salmon trail.

3 Heartbreaking: “We’re all going to die!”

Big Mouth Tito Giant

Tito clings to young Andrew’s newest boogeyman, the Grim Reaper himself. On the one hand, he’s relieved to know that death doesn’t happen for a reason – that it can happen by chance and completely out of the blue.

His parents anchor this in his psyche by listing different ways of dying, and the scared mosquito amplifies it into an apocalyptic scenario in Andrew’s head. No child should be afraid of the fragility of life.

2 Funniest: “Stop appreciating me!”

As the Gratitoad and Tito fight each other in Nick’s brain, the fight quickly turns in favor of the former. The beautiful toad is built on the emotional concept of gratitude, which means that he uses these weapons to defeat fears.

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The clash continues, and a three-headed Tito screeches over the gratitoad and his empathy, losing power and becoming a smaller version of himself. In context or not, this line is priceless.

1 Heartbreaking: “How the world explodes before global warming”

Big Mouth Tito and Nick

Tito basically directs all of Nick Starr’s (future) actions and mocks him for everything he has done terribly to others while he is the main source of his stress.

If losing loved ones is not enough, then what about the destruction of the whole world from the effects of global warming? This problem is prominent among teenagers as they must inherit the problems of the older generations. Tito’s use of this fear is spot on.

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