Mosquitoes have been the world’s main well being story of 2020, based on the CDC


As every December, websites on the internet summarize their best posts and stories of the year. This includes the website for the Center for Global Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which highlighted the top five stories for 2020. And as number one, the health department selected … mosquitoes.

In particular, it recognized World Mosquito Day, when the center raised awareness of a species of mosquito called Anopheles stephensi, which spreads malaria. It’s certainly an interesting choice considering the CDC spent the year battling a global pandemic. Don’t hit mosquitoes! They are very important and very deadly. But COVID-19 didn’t even take second place – it clocked in third place.

Infectious diseases and global health experts on Twitter also found it interesting.

My goodness. Did a mosquito write this list?

– Josh Michaud (@joshmich) December 22, 2020

The Center for Global Health did not provide its methodology for this ranking, so we cannot be sure how the list was ranked the way it did. The CDC can track page views. Or maybe it’s a mark of the agency’s self-esteem that has caused a number of missteps in the US that contributed to the US’s terrible response to the pandemic. Maybe the people who made the list were just sick of COVID-19. No clear answers here. But congratulations to the mosquitoes.

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