These are the one suggestions and methods that can hold mosquitos away!


When you grew up, your parents may have told you that people with “sweet” blood are more attractive to mosquitoes and are more likely to be bitten.

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This isn’t the only mosquito myth out there, and there are plenty of others that gave this up.

KZN has an abundance of these flying threats and Durban has even seen a massive surge in mosquito numbers (which could be the result of global warming).

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So there couldn’t be a better time of year to discuss what attracts mosquitoes and what you could possibly do to keep them out.

Today, Carol Ofori won’t debunk any myths.

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Instead, she shared some much-needed advice, tips, and tricks to avoid these pesky guys altogether.

Before we dive into avoidance techniques, however, it’s important to note that mosquitoes find their targets by tracking their carbon monoxide emissions.

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In other words, they’ll likely find you every time you breathe out.

And you can’t just stop breathing!

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Those who enjoy snacking on people are also drawn to skin odor, which is determined by the microbes that actually live on your skin.

Until scientists can find a complete way to avoid mosquitos without cutting off our respiratory systems and removing our skin, here are tips and tricks you can use to remove any “secondary cues” they use to detect targets:

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