Mosquito season: “Biters” bugs trigger complaints at LA Vector Management


LOS ANGELES (KABC) – As if a pandemic wasn’t bad enough, some nasty intruders are making sure your mask wearing time outside really bites.

Southern Californians are now being hit hard by mosquitoes, those blood-sucking itch relievers.

“I think I got five bites in half an hour,” said Glendale’s Tosca Fasso.

“You’re not welcome here. I don’t like you.”

She is not alone.

The Greater Los Angeles County’s Vector Control District is rife with complaints about mosquitos.

And in recent years, it’s a relatively new species that is causing the problem.

“Most people talk about the invasive Aedes mosquitoes,” said Mary-Joy Coburn of the Greater Los Angeles Vector Control District. “They are the black and white mosquitoes and they are biters during the day. And you can somehow hear them.”

Experts say these mosquitoes are sneaky. They generally don’t fly around your head, but rather hang low.

“You like to float low around your ankles,” said Coburn. “That’s why they are called ankle-biters.”

Regardless of where they bite, they still pose a serious threat to virus transmission.

The best way to fight them is to make sure there is no stagnant water on your property – and make sure your door and window grilles don’t have holes as they’ll hit indoors as well.

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