Why you’re bitten by mosquitoes greater than others



Are you the type of person who will get 100 percent deet from every mosquito within a 1000 mile radius, but leave everyone around you unharmed? Some people seem more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Much more attractive. That said, the hotter months can be quite painful for them.

Given that this is an honor no one really wants, it is important to understand why some people are more mosquito bites and what they can do to help.

So is it diet? Or blood type? Or something else?

In fact, the answer may lie in an unexpected place – your socks. Experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine did a pretty smelly job. They collected hundreds of dirty socks to test whether genetic factors determine how “tasty” we are for mosquitoes.

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In their experiment, they will analyze the specific smells of the socks and their owners’ genetic makeup, which includes 100 twins from The Gambia and the UK, to answer the age-old question of why some people are bitten more.

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James Logan, a medical entomologist at the school who directs the work, said, “We know very little about the genetics of what makes us attractive to mosquitoes.

“We hope that this study will give us more insight into the mechanisms that help change our body doors so that we are more or less attractive to mosquitoes. If we can identify important genes, we might be able to take a pill or a drug develop that enables the body to produce natural repellants to keep mosquitos away. ”

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We already know that there are few things that make us more attractive to the palette of a mosquito.

1. When you emit more carbon dioxide than others.

2. People with blood type O are more prone to bites.

3. Like people who drink more beer (sorry).

4. Pregnant women are more attractive to mosquitoes – especially those that transmit malaria.

5. More bacteria on your skin can also be a factor.

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