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Top 10 Best Homemade Mosquito Traps 2020

1. Starter kit for electric flying insect traps – Zevo | Mosquito Killer | Fruit fly trap | UV light attracts insects

  • â € “â €“ ?? Light Bio-attractant: Uses a mixture of blue and UV light to attract insects that mimic the navigational light patterns of the sun and moon. it also mimics human body temperature to attract insects; such as mosquitos, beetles, flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects
  • â € “â €“ ?? 24-hour protection: works day and night to protect your family from pesky flying insects. You don’t have to worry about the last time you used mosquito repellent. No more frustrations from fruit flies with this powerful indoor fly trap. It works out!
  • â € “â €“ ?? UV light: Insect repellants are known to contain chemicals. Say goodbye to an insecticide that can be harmful to your health. zevo has no chemical insecticides, no odors, and no clutter, so you can safely use it in any room.
  • â € “â €“ ?? Attracts and Eliminates: Just plug this trap in and it uses an irresistible spectrum of light and bioheat attractants for body heat to continually attract insects over time and trap them in a powerful adhesive backing that you never need to touch.
  • â € “â €“ ?? Wall lamp: In contrast to the traditional catcher, the Zevo insect trap only needs to be attached to your wall. Customers love this indoor wall-mounted bug zapper.

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2. 5 STAR SUPER OFFERS Photocatalytic 360 ° ultraviolet mosquito bug fly killer fan trap – noiseless, no zapper, safe – electric beetle, fruit fly, mosquito, moth insect pest control trap

  • Safe to use and powered by USB – does not generate bumps, zaps, chemicals, odors, noise, radiation and is non-toxic. safe for human health, pets and the environment. The USB port works practically anywhere. even from a laptop!
  • Product details: Works best in a dark, enclosed space. It works during the day, but this product works best at night. Nominal voltage: 5V; Nominal power: 5 w; Nominal frequency: 60 Hz; applicable area / coverage: 320 sq ft; ultraviolet wavelengths: 365 nm to 395 nm.
  • Effective pest control trap for UV lamps – perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The UV-light mosquito killer emits a mosquito-loving wavelength of 368 nm, reacts with the photocatalyst releasing carbon dioxide and generating a stream of air. Flies and insects are attracted to the light source, and then a powerful cyclone causes the mosquito to dehydrate and die. effectively kill bugs, mosquitoes …
  • Easy to clean – the bottom contains a removable plastic tray to collect dead insects. Simply remove the compartment for cleaning and disposal of insects. Please ensure that the device is disconnected from the power supply and switched off during cleaning.

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5.Tornado Trap Indoor Mosquito Fruit Fly Mosquito Killer – The electronic bug catcher for flying insects uses a light lamp and / or natural bait, 5W fan, sticky sticky boards, no zapper, child safe, non-toxic (black)

  • Bait bay and attractant container – add your own attractant to the trap. This is useful when catching fruit flies as they are attracted to fruit, not UV lights. Put any type of fruit in the bait bay, like a piece of banana, apple, or pear to attract the fruit flies. You can even add your own attractant to one of the 3 attractant containers included to …
  • USB Power Supply – The Tornado Trap consumes only 5W of power and comes with a USB adapter and charging cable. It can also be powered from any USB port that includes computers, laptops, and portable chargers. The sleek design, which is available in black or white, is ideal for any room such as the kitchen, bedroom, office, restaurant or camping tent.
  • Large UV light ring and intelligent sensor – the large UV light ring attracts mosquitoes and moths into the trap in every dark room. The intelligent sensor makes things easy by automatically turning the trap on in the dark and off in the light.
  • Powerful fan and sticky sticky boards – as soon as the flying insects are lured into the tornado trap, the powerful fan sucks in the insects. The fan pulls the insects to the bottom of the trap, where they land on the sticky sticky board at the base, making sure they don’t escape.
  • Warranty – We’re so confident you’ll love the Tornado Trap that we back it with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Simply contact us within one year for a full refund.

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7. Tuzeasa mosquito traps, insect trap for indoor use, with 10 mosquito repellants with sticky sticky boards

  • Our traps are safe and harmless, and use simple physical principles to safely trap and kill insects.
  • Easy to clean as our mosquito trap has a removable tray. When cleaning, simply rotate the lower mosquito trap to remove the adhesive film.
  • Powerful and effective that 20 LEDs emit light with a wavelength of 365 nm 395, which is deadly attractive to insects. Insects flew towards the lights near the air intake and the sticky sticky boards on the floor kept it from escaping.
  • To be more effective, let the device sit for 12 hours or more for the first time. This product has 12-hour and 6-hour timer buttons that are easy to use and will not open the collection basket during this period.To escape the insects, at the same time place the mosquito trap as close as possible to the source of the mosquito as an aquarium , inside …
  • Fashionable appearance and powerful fan with sleek and sleek design style which makes it more like art decoration, no more ugly traps or fly paper. The powerful fan ensures a better detection effect while minimizing it.

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8. Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits – Quick Kill, 30 Ounces

  • Sprinkle with mosquitoes to quickly destroy the larval population. Corn on the cob granules coated with BTI (which don’t last long, but) make for a hit that turns the water black with larvae and creates a clear pool with no future mosquitos
  • Bits can be sprinkled on the soil surface before planting or mixed with potting soil to kill fungal mosquito larvae with the same security and target-specific control that is offered for mosquito larvae
  • Environmentally friendly biological mosquito control
  • The mosquito bites are marked to control fungus mosquitoes in plant beds or pots

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9. 20 Count Dual Yellow Sticky Traps 8 x 6 inch set for flying plant insects such as fungus mosquitoes, aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners – including 20 pieces of twist ties

  • Works for: widely caught aphids, miners, fungus flies, thrips, white flies, black flies, mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other flying insects
  • Easy to use: Long-lasting UV-resistant adhesive does not dry out.
  • Eco material: Made of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, double distributed, heat resistant, safe and environmentally friendly, waterproof safe
  • Set of values: 20 sticky 8 x 6 inch traps with 15 twist ties
  • Fifra approved and registration with epa. 100% satisfaction guarantee

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