Biotech corporations are teaming as much as create a greater mosquito repellent


Biotech companies are partnering with the U.S. military to develop a better mosquito repellent.

Why it matters: Mosquito-borne diseases kill more than 1 million people each year, and existing repellants have limited effectiveness. Using synthetic biology to develop a superior sustainable repellent could help change that.

Driving messages: Ginkgo Bioworks announced Thursday that it had won an order with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a skin-based microbiome mosquito repellent.

  • The order is worth up to $ 15 million and includes partners from medical dermatology company Azitra, the Latham BioPharm Group and Florida International University.

How it works: DEET has been the gold standard for mosquito repellants since the 1940s, but it can cause skin irritation, damage clothing, and lose its effectiveness within hours.

  • Ginkgo and his partners will use high-throughput testing to discover technical microbial compounds that can repel mosquitoes and mask the chemical volatiles released by humans that naturally attract insects.
  • “The idea is to create a repellant that you don’t have to reapply,” says Nádia Parachin, program director for organism engineering at Ginkgo.

Context: The treaty is part of the military’s ReVector program, which aims to protect the U.S. military from disease-causing insects.

  • The project also shows how Ginkgo – which synthesizes more DNA than any other company in the world – is working to become the AWS of synthetic biology and provide its microbial engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities as a service.
  • Just as the military can use cloud computing services for their needs, “they can trust us to be their general-purpose biology provider,” said Zach Smith, director of government business at Ginkgo.

What to see: Whether the final product is effective and safe, and whether it will eventually reach hundreds of millions of people for whom better mosquito repellent is a matter of life or death.

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