Mosquito and typhoid circumstances on the rise round Hyderabad’s Hatim Talab


HYDERABAD: Cases of malaria and typhoid fever are increasing in the areas around Shah Hatim Talab. Doctors who run clinics in the area attribute this to the threat posed by mosquitoes.

The hardest hit areas include Tolichowki, Al-Kareem Colony, Minar Colony, Mohammadi Lines, Second Lancer, Naya Qila and Moti Darwaza. Doctors urge people to drink boiled water, keep the environment clean, and focus on personal hygiene.

Azmathullah Khan, a kirana trader who lives in Tolichowki, said malaria and typhoid fever cases are always high in these areas. The areas around Hatim Talab are vulnerable to mosquitos, which means that many children suffer from malaria.

“Wastewater is released in this lake, which becomes polluted and attracts mosquitoes. There has to be a permanent solution to this problem. The fogging is just random, ”he said.

Dr. Syed Mujahid Ahmed said, “In the past few days, cases of malaria and typhoid have increased. The surrounding area suffers from this problem every winter. “

Dr. Ather Fatima from Sayeeda Siraj Unani Superspecialty Hospital recommended drinking boiled water, a cleaner environment, and the use of mosquito nets.

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