Goodknight launches marketing campaign for an clever one-stop resolution in Telugu


Goodknight released a TVC for Goodknight Smart Spray, a newly launched one-stop smart solution that provides instant and 8-hour protection against mosquitos. The TVC offers a familiar sight of a family having a good time together. This is made easier by the long lasting and safe mosquito protection that Goodknight Smart Spray offers. The TVC is designed by Wunderman Thompson

Goodknight Smart Spray offers instant knockdown action against mosquitos. The main feature of the product is the 8 hour protection which is the current need gap in the aerosol market. Goodknight is a unique, high-performance liquid gas formulation that makes it the world’s first pressureless mosquito pump spray. This product delivers more than 700 sprays from a single can and leaves a pleasant scent. Goodknight Smart Spray is currently being launched exclusively in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana markets. Thus the new TVC will be published in the Telugu language.

The film begins with a father-daughter duo who discovers mosquitos floating around in the living room. They seem concerned as mosquito bites can lead to diseases like dengue and malaria. The mother comes to the rescue and sprays Goodknight Smart Spray all over the living room. The husband is pleasantly surprised when he notices the smell and the immediate effect of no more mosquitos in the room. He thanks his wife, to whom she sassily tells him that she will not help him again, and the daughter supports her too. The father is shocked by her behavior and asks her about it when his wife grins and tells him that she no longer has to spray as the new spray lasts up to 8 hours. The husband realizes that his family has just pulled his leg and they all share a good laugh. The film ends with the message of the new Smart Spray, which protects the family with its instant knockdown action, long lasting durability and the performance of 700+ sprays that don’t need to be used twice to be effective.

Sunil Kataria, CEO of India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL), shared his thoughts on the new film: “Goodknight Smart Spray is a groundbreaking innovation and a single solution for all mosquito problems. It has no gas formulation, so it offers both instant action and 8 hour protection in a liquid spray format. This makes it the most powerful household insecticide product. With this TVC we want to reach households and communicate how Smart Spray is an ideal package where they don’t have to choose between immediate measures and permanent solutions. “

Steve Priya, VPs & ECDs, Wunderman Thompson, Mumbai, added, “Most solutions to mosquito problems fall under two categories: ‘Immediate and Short Term’ or ‘Long Term and Not So Immediate’. We wanted to clearly communicate that Goodknight Smart Spray is an innovation that works instantly with effectiveness that lasts for 8 long hours.

That means once you’ve sprayed it, you never have to repeat it again! It’s unlike anything you expected! “

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