Duo affords mosquito coils to protesting farmers on the Singhu border – The New Indian Specific



NEW DELHI: Support comes in different forms and from several sides – through medical camps, langars, warm clothing and even pizza.

And then there are those who distribute mosquito coils to the protesting farmers on the Singhu border.

Sahab Singh brought 12 boxes with 60 mosquito coils each from the village of Chetanpura in the Punjab district of Amritsar.

The 36-year-old and his friend Surmail Singh have come to the Singhu border to “save” the protesting farmers from mosquitos.

“Everyone brings one or the other with them. We brought ‘Kachua Chap’ (mosquito spirals) with us after many farmers complained about mosquitoes,” says Sahab Singh, who is also a farmer.

The farmers have been protesting at several border points to Delhi for over two weeks and are demanding the repeal of the controversial agricultural laws. They claim this will benefit businesses and end traditional wholesale markets and the minimum support price regime.

During the afternoon, the two friends sit in their car and hold packages with mosquito coils in their hands.

“‘Kachua jalao, macchar bhagao’ (light the coils, repel mosquitoes)”, shouts Sahab Singh over the loudspeaker.

Surmail Singh, 26, says the farmers camp outside and there are open drains that are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

The two started on Saturday morning and reached the border between Delhi and Haryana at night.

“We started distributing the mosquito coils an hour ago and one box is already empty,” says Surmail Singh.

They intend to go to every tractor and shed to distribute the bobbins among the farmers.

“Some people organize langars, others have set up medical camps, we do our part,” says Surmail Singh.

“This is also ‘sewa’ (service),” adds Sahab Singh.

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