ONLINE: Wednesday night within the laboratory – isthmus


Press release: The registration link will remain unchanged until the end of May 2021. Presentations and Q&A will be posted later on WN @ TL’s YouTube website.

On January 6th we will have a revelation on microbiology and mosquitos. Kerri Coon of Bakteriology will be here to talk about “Why Mosquitoes Love YOU (and other things you never knew about Skeeter and their microbiome).”

Description: Microbes are everywhere … and so are mosquitos. Our laboratory has found interesting links between the microbial communities present in mosquitoes ‘intestines and the environment in which they live (ie, the “mosquito microbiome”) and mosquitos’ ability to grow, reproduce and feed on blood. These findings have important implications not only for the development of novel strategies to control mosquitoes and the pathogens they carry, but also for our understanding of how microbes have influenced the development of other closely related insects of ecological, medical and agricultural importance. Learn more about the biology of these infamous pests with us, and learn more about a friendly Wisconsin mosquito!

Organic: Kerri Coon is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Bacteriology. Kerri received her PhD from Dr. Michael Strand at the University of Georgia, where she studied the microbial regulation of molting in mosquitoes. She then worked in Dr. Nancy Moran’s lab at the University of Texas at Austin on insect microbiome-immune system interactions before joining the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2019. Research in Kerris’s laboratory focuses on understanding the diversity and function of gut microbes in mosquitoes and other insect disease vectors.

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