Greatest mosquito repellants in 2020


If you’re familiar with the buzz, sting, and inevitable itching of pesky mosquitoes, you’ll know how disruptive these pests can be. From killing time in the yard to irritating your skin, mosquitoes are so annoying it’s easy to forget that they are really dangerous too. Sure, you can take a bit of a nuisance so it’s easy to just grin and bear it and hit the skeeters when they come by, but that puts you at risk for not only annoying bites and endless itching, but problems like Dengue, Zika, and Malaria. That’s why everyone benefits from mosquito repellants. You can find everything from spray to zapper (each with their own benefits) in a variety of forms. Let’s take a look at which mosquito repellent is right for you.

BullFrog mosquito spray

If you are used to classic bug spray, the BullFrog Mosquito Coast Sunscreen & Repellent is a great choice. Since it works as both a SPF 50 sunscreen and a mosquito repellent, it’s a really efficient option. The set comes with two aerosol containers, which give a wide and powerful spray and make it easier to cover exposed skin. The repellent is designed for a service life of up to eight hours and is also water-resistant. So you can be soaked in water for over an hour before it loses its effectiveness. This spray is DEET free, safe to use, highly effective, and portable enough to take with you anywhere. The containers themselves are very durable and not prone to leaks or damage, so you can easily protect yourself from mosquitoes and regain nature. [Buy]

Mosquito Magician Outdoor Spray

Keep insects at bay with these 7 leading mosquito repellants

If you want to address the problem at the source, the Mosquito Magician Natural Insect Repellent is a worthy candidate. Unlike sprays that apply directly to the skin, this repellent can be sprayed on your yard. It comes with a pair of one-gallon canisters that you can fill any sprayer with. Killing over 98 percent of the mosquitoes in the region creates a chemical force field against these insects. Plus, the spray is powerful enough to tackle other pest problems like ticks and fleas. Because it relies on natural ingredients to repel insects, this spray is safe for children and pets alike. A mixture of citronella, garlic, rosemary, and other oils such as lemongrass and cedarwood are strong against mosquitoes. Each container can treat an area of ​​4,000 square meters and hold for a few weeks, so you can enjoy your barbecues in peace. [Buy]

Zap It rechargeable bat

Keep insects at bay with these 7 leading mosquito repellants

If you want to get active first hand and fight mosquitoes, the Zap It Bug Zapper Racket Set can be used (and enjoyed) a lot. This set of two electrified rackets turns repellent mosquitoes into a real sport and quickly kills all surrounding mosquitoes. The clubs themselves run on 4,000 volts of electricity, giving you plenty of time to fix these pesky errors. The handles are easy to hold and the lightweight design makes swinging effortless. Also, because the clubs contain three layers of mesh, you don’t have to worry if you injure yourself with the electrical parts locked into place. The battery is compact enough to plan your next camping trip. It’s pretty durable. When the juice runs out, you can quickly recharge it with the included cable and USB cable, ready for the next fight. [Buy]

Gloue Bug Zapper System

Keep insects at bay with these 7 leading mosquito repellants

Perhaps you’d rather face mosquitos in the back seat and enjoy your time outdoors without sprays and swinging clubs. This is where the Gloue Bug Zapper light bulb comes in. An easy replacement for your porch light, this mosquito control lamp uses LED lighting technology that emits UV light with a wavelength between 365 and 420 nanometers. This spectrum captures all types of insects (including mosquitoes) and attracts them to the light. As soon as the beetle reaches the electrified component of the light bulb, it is electrocuted. Because the structure is angled in a curve, the mosquitoes are not trapped but are dropped on the floor for minimal cleaning. With three different modes, you can use this as standard light, zapper and low light, making it both versatile and effective. [Buy]

Citronella patio sticks

Keep insects at bay with these 7 leading mosquito repellants

Do you want something that can enhance your balcony and keep mosquitos away at the same time? Consider the Mintronella Naturals Mosquito Repellent Patio Sticks. These repellent sticks are completely free of harmful chemicals and look like regular incense. However, due to the unique blend of citric acid, mint, lemongrass, and lemongrass, the smoke is really good at keeping insects at bay. The set contains 100 sticks, each of which burns for up to 45 minutes. These patio poles work best as a perimeter and are both pleasant to look at and smell to (as long as you are not a mosquito). Using natural materials instead of synthetic chemicals is completely biodegradable and safe. These sticks are a really safe option. Since the ashes are completely biodegradable, you don’t have to worry about harming your surroundings. Instead, you benefit from a pleasant smell and a complete lack of buzzing mosquitoes. [Buy]

Thermacell mosquito repeller

Keep insects at bay with these 7 leading mosquito repellants

If power is your primary concern, the Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repeller is a great choice. It is especially useful for those with a sensitivity to chemicals who also live in humid areas where there are high levels of mosquitos. When it’s on, the repellent technology creates an invisible barrier that keeps mosquitoes away without affecting people. The technology is based on electricity to heat the replaceable Radius cartridge: you switch the device on at the push of a button and the battery heats the chemical and provides up to 40 hours of mosquito protection. This low-maintenance machine with automatic shutdown offers you full protection against mosquitoes with minimal effort. Safe to use and fairly durable, although this repeller comes at a moderately higher price, it’s well worth the investment. [Buy]

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Keep insects at bay with these 7 leading mosquito repellants

Especially for times when mosquitoes want to come inside and attend the festivities, the Neatmaster electronic ultrasonic pest controller is a fantastic choice. It connects directly to a standard mains socket and uses ultrasonic frequencies that have been specially set to repel mosquitoes. While the sound cannot be heard by human ears, it is a serious nuisance to mosquitoes and keeps them away. It has three power settings that are indicated by LED lights on the outside of the connector. The red is the strongest (so much so that you might hear a buzz). The blue and green settings are completely inaudible and can still scare off mosquitos. While the frequency does not pass through walls, it is an excellent solution for a single room. The ultrasonic field is up to 120 square meters and can be used safely even when pets or children are nearby. This powerful and easy-to-use, chemical-free defense solution is both affordable and effective. [Buy]

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Types of mosquito repellants

Mosquito repellants are as diverse as the pests are annoying. This is good news as you can find a repellent that will suit your needs. Some are for indoor use and use ultrasonic frequencies to repel pests. Others use light and sound to attract the mosquito and then apply electrical current to zap it. There is the classic bug spray approach (with and without DEET) and chemical sprays for your garden. As with any other product, the key is to find something that balances performance and safety. Most repellents are very easy to use. and thanks to modern developments are pretty safe. First, determine if you want the repellent on your skin. If so, you can benefit from a spray. If not, look for compact options designed to protect a large area from mosquitos.

Main features of mosquito repellent

  • Mechanism: The first characteristic to look at is how the mosquito repellent actually works. Consider whether to keep mosquitoes from approaching or to bring them closer. Deterrent agents are often based on either sonic technology or chemicals. Mosquito solutions that attract insects use electrical current to kill the insects. Each solution has its place, so it is very important to couple the mechanism with the setting.
  • Duration: Next, determine how long you want the mosquito repellent to last. Sprays are usually sensitive to water and of course wear off within a few hours. Technology that uses chemical cartridges or burns essential oils naturally wears out. Even light bulb models wear out over time. Find out how long you can count on it and choose something that will last as long as you need it.
  • Size: Especially if you are traveling with mosquito repellent camping or on a road trip, you should opt for something that is relatively compact. The size doesn’t necessarily affect the strength of the repellant. It’s more about making sure the repellant is portable and moves around well.

Benefits of mosquito repellent

The main reason mosquito repellants are so popular is comfort. Instead of constantly checking for bugs to land on your skin, a repellent will stop the problem before it starts. With a wide variety of designs and mechanisms in place, keeping bugs at bay is easier than ever. Remember, the benefits go beyond simple convenience. Mosquitoes pose a real health and safety risk. A simple insect bite results in a histemic reaction, which means it is stressing the body. Since mosquitoes are known vectors for everything from Zika to dengue fever, mosquito repellants are a necessary tool for staying safe and healthy outdoors.

Mosquito repellent pricing

The good news is that mosquito repellants are really affordable regardless of the type you choose. There is a $ 10 to $ 50 repellent for every budget, depending on the technology. The key is to find out what the real cost is. Sure, a spray bottle that costs $ 15 works well and is affordable, but it could run out of steam. Conversely, a more expensive model that uses ultrasound technology as a deterrent might not expire, but you should be sure that you are using it enough to justify the cost. Since most mosquito repellants are really easy to use and powerful, there is no wrong answer. Find something you are comfortable with and you will be sure to get the benefits you are looking for.

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