The employees of the Barakat Bundle meet with a group of midwives before they distribute the Giving Cradle (Minjan Patel).

The giving cradle (Barakat bundle)

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, December 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – The Giving Cradle is more than just a cradle for safely sleeping babies. It’s a simple and effective answer to one of the world’s toughest problems.

“There are so many millions of babies dying before their first birthday and so many hundreds of thousands of women dying in pregnancy each year around the world, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, our services are needed more than ever,” he tells Giving Cradle founder and CEO, Dr. Karima Ladhani. “80% of these deaths are completely preventable.”

The Giving Cradle was developed as part of the Barakat Bundle, a package containing essential medical items (such as a digital thermometer and umbilical cord clamp) and health education information (about hand washing and breastfeeding) for women giving birth in South Asia. It comes with an agreement that you must give birth in a health center.

The Barakat Bundle initially started with off-the-shelf cradles that were bought from Amazon. After conducting focus groups with more than 100 mothers in India, they found that nothing went well with them.

“Either because of the weather or because of the culture or because of traditional practices,” says Ladhani. “That experience that made us say, okay, the cradle that fits what you are looking for is not on the market – but we can do something.”

“So we decided to create a cradle that meets both needs and desires. Because ultimately this serves as an incentive. In order for mothers to receive the bundle as a whole, they must give birth in a health center – and it wasn’t a digital thermometer or clothing for the baby that won them over. It was this cradle – that’s what people wanted. “

Bamboo was the perfect material.

“We chose bamboo because it is native to India, aesthetically fits into high to low income homes, and there are lots of environmentally friendly properties,” says Ladhani.

“We decided it had to rock. Families in India who keep their babies asleep used a small makeshift hammock made from a sari, a very traditional fabric. Mothers could cook in a room over a stove. They tied a string to a corner of the hammock and a string to a toe and rocked their baby to sleep. So the rocking was an absolutely essential feature. “

The mesh sides keep the baby cool, ventilated and always visible. The Giving Cradle is also light and strong. Mothers can easily wear it indoors and outdoors when needed. It has an adapted insect net to prevent mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria. It comes with a waterproof mattress and fitted sheet.

The giving cradle was not only very popular in India.

“When we were developing this cradle for South Asia, we heard from our friends in North America: ‘This is an amazing cradle. We’d really love this. “Says Ladhani. “We have recognized that families here have the opportunity to have a giving cradle and at the same time support the mission of the Barakat Bundle. We have already run tests to meet Canadian and US safety standards, although India does not require them. “

The Giving Cradle has been certified for safety by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association and follows the recommendations of the American Academy Pediatrics for a Safe Sleeping Environment for Infants.

A giving cradle can be purchased from for $ 150. 100% of the proceeds go to the Barakat Bundle, mothers and newborns in South Asia.

“The idea is that by selling the Giving Cradle, families have the opportunity to offer their newborns a safe place to sleep, but also a newborn baby to have a safe place to sleep (plus all other items in the Barakat bundle) in South Asia,” says Ladhani. “We think this is a fine way to begin a legacy of giving for a newborn here.”

About giving the cradle

Giving Cradle develops safety certified newborn products for newborns around the world. It is part of the non-profit Barakat Bundle.

About the Barakat Bundle:

Barakat Bundle is an award-winning 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that creates and provides lifesaving care

Educational packages for needy mothers and newborns in South Asia.

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