The grim breed of mosquitos that advanced to stay on the London Underground – and so they chew


Frequent riders of the London Underground can complain of the mice or the secret rats roaming around.

But there is another, smaller living being in the underground that evolved under the unique conditions of the tube environment.

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Culex Pipiens Molestus, AKA the London Underground Mosquito

Culex pipiens molestus is a subspecies of the mosquito that has developed specific habits that are appropriate for its life on the London Underground.

It can live in dark places for a long time and does not need to be put to sleep. So, watch out for Night Tube users.

The mosquito is a particularly voracious biter, although there are few customer complaints.

Nature is really, really terrifying.

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The mosquitoes were first reported during the Blitz of World War II, when the underground tunnels were used as overnight air raid shelters.

Almost 180,000 people took shelter in the company of these mysterious mosquitoes during the war.

While normal mosquitoes form large swarms to mate and breed, the underground variants are more independent and meet individually.

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After the London Underground system was built in the mid-19th century, the tunnels were largely sealed off from the surface and some of the mosquitos were underground.

It was this physical barrier that caused the two contrasting mosquito populations to develop differently.

However, it is actually found in all types of human underground structures, from water systems to the basements of large houses.

The mosquitos have also been found in similar enclosed environments on metropolitan Tokyo and the New York subway.

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