The Bayer answer combats resistant mosquitoes and vector-borne ailments


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According to Bayer representatives, a newly introduced spray solution combats resistant mosquitoes and fights vector-borne diseases worldwide.

Fludora Co-Max deals with mosquito-borne Aedes arboviruses such as dengue, zika and chikungunya by combining two active ingredients with unrelated mechanisms of action. The introduction is an important milestone in the industry’s efforts to actively and sustainably address the problem of resistant mosquitoes.

“We have seen growing awareness and concern about arboviruses such as dengue fever across the African continent in recent years, and mosquito resistance in the region is well documented,” said Frederic Baur, Global Market Manager for Vector Control at Bayer . “We have a strong team in Africa managing and supporting the product and working with outside stakeholders to further strengthen insecticide resistance management in the region.”

With mosquito resistance increasing to current vector control solutions, the need for innovation and greater effectiveness in space spray solutions to combat diseases such as dengue is critical. And Aedes mosquito-borne diseases are becoming more common in Africa due to rapid urban population growth.

“With the global rollout of Fludora Co-Max, we expect to make a significant contribution to the prevention and ultimately eradication of mosquito-borne diseases,” said Jacqueline Applegate, president of the environmental science division. “This is an example of Bayer’s continued commitment to research, development and commercialization of vector control measures to improve public health, and therefore the lives of people around the world.”

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