The go to to the jungle nonetheless haunts me – so good for the courageous celebrities


The reason is simple, I was never asked.

Many people have asked me why I have never been there. I am a celebrity Get me out of here.

I honestly can’t name the winner – but I love seeing Shane Richie and Jordan North – each of them have their own qualities. I was sorry to see Russell Watson go.

This year’s ratings are sky high – is it the lockdown or the fact that they’re in the castle instead of the jungle?

And given the cast list over the years, why would they want who I am?

It was around 1983, shortly after the war I had been to the Falkland Islands to maintain the troops.

If they asked me to go on the show, I would categorically say no.

I’ve already written about my fear of heights in my column, and in fact, I had my own jungle experiences before the show was even born.

There was a group of animators and a band of three.

We continued on to Belize, Central America, which was an experience … not a pretty place at all.

We got to the hotel after a ridiculous flight after being told it was the best in town … I’ve seen better places.

They made the film Dogs of War in town, which showed what a dosshouse it was.

So I shaved in my room and a beetle-like creature came out of the drain hole.

The next day, after a sleepless night, wrapped in a mosquito net, I made my way into the jungle.

It started to fly across the room, I lost the feeling of how many legs it had.

It was stifling hot.

Colorful, a tropical forest and a sanctuary for wild animals with millions of creepy crawly animals.

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